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Maryland Home Improvement License Process Explained

There might be some steps to getting your Maryland Home Improvement license that are 100% new to you. This article will explain them all clearly.

Getting Your Idaho Plumbing Contractor License

It's not the short 3 steps required to get your Idaho plumbing contractor license, it's meeting all the experience requirements. Here are the details.

Understanding the Indiana Contractor License and Licenses

Indiana only has a state wide plumbing license. All other licenses are regulated by municipalities. Understand these bonds and get what you need for less.

Getting Your Illinois Plumbing License

Learn the steps to get your Illinois plumbing license and understand each step so you can get through the process faster.

The 6 Steps To Get a Georgia Residential and General Contractor License

Getting your Georgia contractor license is straightforward. However, there are steps you must know about, like the net-worth requirement. Let's learn!

The 3 Steps To Get Your Alabama Roofing License Application Submitted

Getting an Alabama roofing license only requires 3 main steps. Let's go through these so you can get your application submitted correctly the first time.

Getting Your Alabama HVAC License and Refrigeration License

Here are the steps to get your Alabama HVAC and Refrigeration license. Learn about the bond and ways to skip the examination requirement.

5 Steps To Getting Your New Mexico Auto Dealer License

Here are the steps to get a New Mexico auto dealer license and all of the details you need to know to get your application approved on first submission.

Getting a Used Dealer License in Georgia

Learn how to get a used dealer license in Georgia and used dealer parts license. Follow these easy steps which make Georgia's website easier to navigate.

4 Steps To Get Your Florida Auto Dealer License

Getting your Florida auto dealer license is not difficult to get. But make sure you follow the rules we outline in this post.

Getting a Commercial General Contractor License In Arkansas

Getting your Arkansas general contractor license requires a few steps, plus some important decisions. Here are the steps and information you need.

4 Steps To Get Your Alaska Contractor License

There are 4 steps to get your Alaska contractor license. The steps are simple but there are specific actions you must take. Let's look at these steps.

5 Steps To Get Your Arizona Auto Dealer License

Here are the simplified steps to get your Arizona auto dealer license. Plus you'll find all the fees and helpful links to make this process easy.

How To Get Your Connecticut Auto Dealer License

We've taken the steps to get your Connecticut auto dealer license and made them simple to follow. Here's everything you need. Let's go!

City of Denver Contractor Right of Way Licenses And Requirements

The city of Denver has right-of-way contractor licenses to perform projects within city limits. Here's how to get each of the right-of-way licenses.

How to Get Your Illinois Roofing License From The IDFPR

Learn the requirements for getting your Illinois roofing license. This post helps clear up the steps and makes them easy to follow. 

Get Your Illinois Public Adjuster License In 4 Steps

Learn how to get your Illinois public adjuster license in 4 easy steps. Plus learn about the surety bond requirement and how to pay less for it. Let's go!

Nevada Consumer Protection Bond (Bill no. 39) For Residential Contractors

Nevada passed Bill 39 creating a new surety bond requirement for residential contractors, but this bond can help your business. Find out the details here.

Who Pays for a Probate Bond And How Much Do They Cost?

Yes you do have to purchase the probate bond. But it's not what it seems. Learn why you have to buy one, where the money comes from, and how to save money!

Nevada Contractor License Requirements and Surety Bonds

Nevada's contractor license requirements are easy enough to follow. But there are specifics you should know about. Here are the 9 steps to follow.

Texas Auto Dealer License And Bond Requirement

Are you getting your first Texas Auto Dealer license? I've condensed the steps and explained concepts like the surety bond. Let's get your licensed!

Cleveland Heights Contractor Bond and Registration

Performing construction work in Cleveland Heights, OH requires contractors to purchase a surety bond. Here's how and how to save money doing it.

Getting Your Virginia Contractor's License In 6 Steps

Getting your Virginia contractor's license has about 6 steps. This post outlines each step making it easy to understand the process and get your application done.

Oklahoma Auto Dealer License and Bonding

Are you getting your Oklahoma dealer license? Here's the process broken into 9 steps, including the surety bond requirement... which can be confusing.

Pet Sitter Insurance and Bonding: What You Need To Know

Being bonded as a pet sitter can help you grow your business. Learn about your pet sitter insurance and bonding needs.

What is a Telemarketing Surety Bond?

Businesses and charities still use telemarketing to make sales and raise funds. Many states require a telemarketing bond as protection for the public. Learn more here.

Residential Specialty Contractor Licenses In South Carolina

Getting a Residential Specialty Contractor license in South Carolina is not hard. But make sure you meet each of these 4 steps with your application.

5 Steps To Obtain Your South Carolina Residential Builder License

Getting your South Carolina Residential Builder license only takes 5 simple steps. This post outlines the steps and helps with the surety bond requirement.

South Carolina General Contractor License

Getting your South Carolina general contractor license requires 3 high level steps. Learn these these steps and make the process easy to get through.

10 Steps To Get Your South Carolina Dealer License

There are 10 high level steps to get your South Carolina auto dealer license. Here are the steps, plus the new rules that are coming in the new year.

Tennessee Contractor License Bond And When To Buy One

Tennessee offer a contractor license bond in the rare cases when a contractor wants to supplement their monetary limit. Learn if this makes sense of you.

HOA Fidelity Bond Requirements And Pricing

If you're an HOA you maybe be required or elect to be bonded. This is called a fidelity bond. Learn how to get bonded and protect your association.

The Types of Surety Bonds And Finding The Bond You Need

There are many types of surety bonds. It gets confusing fast. This article will break it down into the 6 major types so you can find the bond you need.

Tennessee Home Improvement License Requirements

Tennessee Home Improvement License Requirements are straightforward. This is a license that is only required in specific counties. Let's get your license.

Colorado Dealership License Steps, Requirements, And Process

Getting your Colorado dealership license is an involved process. Here are the 9 steps to complete and how to get your dealership bond. Let's make it easy!

Freight Broker Insurance Requirements & Recommendations

Let's break down the different types of insurance freight brokers are required to buy. Plus the one requirement that is like insurance but not really. Learn more today!

OMMA Surety Bond Required By The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority

Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority is now requiring a reclamation surety bond for Oklahoma marijuana growers. Here's how to get y our bond for a low cost.

North Carolina Contractor License and Contractor License Bonds

Here are the steps to get your North Carolina contractor license including a contractor bond if necessary. The process is easy and fast.

Moving Company Bond And Insurance Requirements

Moving company bonds are not required in most cases. However, there are many surety bonds a moving company may elect to use. Learn about these bonds.

What Is A Landscape Bond... And When Do Landscaping Businesses Choose To Be Bonded?

Some landscaping businesses are required to purchase a surety bond, maybe two. Find out what your requirements may be and whether you need to be bonded.

Florida Medical Marijuana Performance Bond

New Florida Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers are required to purchase a 5 million dollar performance surety bond. Learn why and how much this bond costs.

Employee Dishonesty Coverage And Bonding

Do you need employee dishonesty coverage? Learn what an employee dishonesty bond is and how it works. It's not your typical surety bond. Learn more!

California Vehicle Verifier License And Bonding Requirements

Getting a vehicle verifier license in California is a simple process. Here are the steps and the vehicle verifier bond required you must satisfy.

Maryland Recreational Vehicle Dealer and Manufacturer Surety Bond Requirement

Maryland is on the brink of passing surety bonding requirements for recreational vehicle dealers and manufacturers. Here the facts and how to prepare.

NYC Home Improvement Contractor License Requirements

Here are the precise 10 steps to get your NYC home improvement contractor license and contractor bond. This includes all links to make it easy for you!

Where Do You Get a Surety Bond?

Where do you get a surety bond? There is one business that can provide you a free, no obligation quote for the lowest price. It's option 1. Read more now!

How To Get an Ohio Home Care License For Both Skilled Medical and Non-Medical Home Care Services

Ohio home health care services are in demand. Here are 6 steps on how to get a skilled medical and non-medical home care service license.

The 9 Steps To Get Your Dealer License In North Carolina

To get your dealer license in North Carolina, there are only 9 steps to follow. North Carolina makes this pretty easy so it should not take you long. Let's go!

Arizona Contractor License Steps And Costs

Arizona has complicated licensing requirements. Each license requires a surety bond and some additional costs. This post will break each cost down for you.

Arizona Contractors License Classifications

There are many dozens of Arizona Contractor licenses. Let's get an idea of the different types and how they are organized so you can get your license faster.

How To Become a Notary In Washington State: Follow These 6 Steps

Learn the 6 steps to get your Washington State notary license. It's a fast process that should take only a day or two. Let's get your license!

Freight Broker License Cost: Which Costs Will You Pay?

Getting your freight broker license can be expensive. Some costs are required, some are not. Learn about each cost and which you'll decide to pay.

How To Get a Dealers License In Michigan

Here are the 5 steps to get a dealer license in Michigan. This post will make getting your license application submitted and approved a lot easier.

How Long Does It Take To Get a Surety Bond?

So you need to buy a surety bond? It can be a fast process but you need to follow these steps. Here's how long it takes to buy a surety bond and speed it up.

Massachusetts Cannabis License Types and Cannabis Bonding Requirements

If you're interested in getting a Massachusetts cannabis license, read this article. It will help you understand the 15 different licenses and process.

Michigan Auto Dealer Bond Update And 2023 Breaking News

Effective January 23rd, 2023 Michigan Auto Dealer bonds are having their amount increased from $10k to $25k. Learn about the change and make sure you're ready.

Washington State Contractor Bond Options And Requirements

Getting your Washington State contractor's license requires a contractor bond. Learn what a contractor bond is and how to purchase your bond.

How To Get A Surety Bond In 3 Easy Steps

At first getting a surety bond seems confusing. But it's actually an easy and fast process. Learn how to get a surety bond in 3 easy steps right now.

How To Become a Travel Agent in Florida

Learn how to become a travel agent in Florida. The steps to get your license are clearly outlined, even how to purchase the required surety bond. Let's go!

8 Steps To Get Your California C-10 Electrician Contractor License

We've distilled the steps to go from electrical trainee to fully C-10 licensed electrician contractor. Follow these 8 steps and bring clarity to the process.

7 Steps To Get Your California Used Car Dealer License

We took the complicated process of getting your use car dealer license from California's Department of Motor Vehicles and simplified it to 7 easy to follow steps

What Is a Notary Bond and Why Do You Need One?

When you're required to purchase a notary bond, it can be confusing. What is a notary bond? Why do you need this? Let's answer this because it's serious!

IFTA Tax Requirements And IFTA Bond Requirements

The IFTA fuel tax was put in place to give each state a fair share of fuel tax revenue. Here are the requirements including the surety bond some states require.

The 4 Steps To Get Your Electrician License In South Carolina

Learn the 4 steps to getting your electrician license in South Carolina. This post will make getting through the state's requirements easy to follow.

NVOCC vs Freight Forwarder: The 5 Major Differences And How To Get Licensed

An NVOCC and Ocean Freight Forwarder may seem the same. But they're difference in 5 major ways. Let's look and learn how to get licensed in both.

Lottery Bonds For Lottery Ticket and Game Retailers

If you want to sell lottery games in your convenience store, gas station, or business, you may need to get bonded. Here are the steps to get your lottery bond.

Oversize Load And Overweight Permits To Transport Loads In Texas

Transporting heavy loads across Texas require special permits based on the load being carried. Learn more about getting permits and bonded for heavy load trips.

Getting Your Process Server License

Becoming a process server is a great career choice. But the rules are different from state to state. I will help lay out the steps to get your process server license.

$25,000 Surety Bond? Which Surety Bond Do You Need And How Much Will It Cost?

You're looking for a $25,000 surety bond? Let's find the exact bond you're looking for and help you know how much it will cost. Ready for this?

How To Get A Dealers License In Nebraska And Your Auto Dealer Bond

Every year Nebraska auto dealer licenses expire December 31st. Here's how to get your Nebraska auto dealer license and auto dealer bond step by step.

Texas Mixed Beverage Gross Receipts Tax Bond And Texas Mixed Beverage Sales Tax Bond

Every year Texas bars, private clubs, caterers, and more have to renew their mixed beverage gross receipts tax bond and mixed beverage sales tax bond. Here's how.

Lost Cashier's Check? Here Are The 3 Steps To Take Now

Lost cashier's check? I know you're panicking. Don't. There are three things you can do now to fix the situation. The sooner you act the better.

California Contractor License Bond Amount Is Going Up... When And Why?

On January 1st, 2023, the California contractors license bond is increasing from $15,000 to $25,00. Here's what you need to know and do to be ready.

What Can You Learn From New York’s First Round of Adult Use Marijuana Dispensary Licenses?

In 2020 New York passed an adult use marijuana bill. New York is expected to be one of the biggest marijuana markets. Here's how to prepare for the next round of licensing.

Livestock Packers and Stockyards Surety Bonds

Required bond for anyone conducting business operations in marketing livestock, meat or poultry for commercial purposes

Heath Club or Spa Bonds

Over 30 states require surety bonds for gymns, martial arts studios, spas, or other health clubs.

Why Do Surety Bond Costs Vary So Much?

Review the key factors that impact surety bond prices and specifics on how each factor affects the price you will pay for the bond.

What Does "Treasury Listed Surety" Mean?

The purpose of treasury listing (the "T-List") for sureties is to ensure that the surety backing your bond has met certain financial criteria set by the federal government.

Georgia Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond Guide

Any business or individual seeking to become licensed to sell or otherwise deal in used motor vehicle transactions in the state of Georgia must furnish a dealer surety bond to the state.

Fuel Tax Surety Bonds

Fuel tax surety bonds are required in almost every state for businesses that use, sell, distribute, or mix various types of motor fuel.

What is a Business Service Bond?

Business service bonds are highly recommended for those whose businesses requires employees to be on customer property.

How To Get a Dealer License In NY: A Step By Step Process

Anyone who sells more than 5 vehicles per year in New York is required to have a surety bond to be a licensed auto dealer.

Mortgage Broker Bonds & the NMLS

Find out about the NMLS filing process which most often utilizes e-filed bonds instead of traditional printed paper documents.

Freight Broker Bonds – Filing & Registering with the FMCSA

Find out more about the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) required surety bonds for freight forwarder or broker of freight registration.

Most Common Surety Bonds in Virginia

From the Chesapeake Bay to the Blue Ridge Mountains, the Commonwealth of Virginia is full of thriving businesses and, much like other states, Virginia requires some types of businesses to obtain surety bonds.

What Is a Surplus Lines Broker?

Surplus lines brokers provide access to high-risk coverages from non-admitted insurers and have additional requirements beyond typical admitted insurers.

What Is a Private School Surety Bond?

Since many private institutions accept tuition weeks or months in advance, the surety bond guarantees that people who paid tuition can be reimbursed if the school unexpectedly ceases to operate

Most Common Surety Bonds in New York

To ensure that New York businesses operate ethically, the state of New York requires many business to purchase surety bonds. Here's a quick guide to some of the most common.

How to Become a Private Investigator

In search of an interesting and in-demand career? Learn how to become a private investigator.

What Is a Mortgage Broker?

What is a mortgage broker, and how do they help people get a mortgage for their homes?

What Is a Bonded Contractor?

Learn what it means to be a bonded contractor along with the different types of contractor bonds. There are a lot to you'll have through your career.

Licensing Requirements for Mortgage Loan Originators

It's simple getting a mortgage originator license right? Not so much. Learn the steps including how to get your surety bond.

What Is Probate Court?

Under which circumstances are probate bonds required? Are surety bonds always required?

What Is the Average Salary for a Freight Broker?

How much does a freight broker earn? How to get started as a freight broker.

Best Surety Bond Company 2021, 2022, 2023, & 2024!

See why Investopedia selected Surety Bonds Direct as the best overall surety bond company in 2021, 2022, 2023, and 2024!

How to Become a Licensed Ocean Freight Forwarder

What does an ocean freight forwarder do, and how does a business become licensed as an ocean freight forwarder? Find out the answers.

How To Get a Car Dealer License For Auctions

What’s the deal with auction access? What are the qualifications? We break down the requirements for access as a dealer or private buyer.

How to Become a DME Supplier

Wondering how to become a DME supplier? Want to supply medical equipment to your community? Here’s what you need to know.

The Most Common Surety Bonds in Nevada

Here, we’ll discuss seven of Nevada’s most common types of surety bonds that are required for different businesses.

How to Get a Freight Broker License

Many individuals looking for an interesting and profitable career in logistics consider becoming freight brokers.

Types of Fidelity Bonds: Understanding The Three Main Types

Fidelity bonds are a type of surety bond that protects agains dishonesty or financial misconduct by employees. These bonds are used in a variety of industries.

Types of Surety Bonds Needed for the Auto Industry

Surety bonds are a common requirement for many kinds of businesses that deal with automobile sales and service.

What Is a Bonded Title and Why Do I Need One?

In some cases a seller may intentionally or accidentally sell the vehicle without the proper title paperwork. Under these circumstances the vehicle owner may need to a type of surety bond call a certificate of title bond.

The Role of a Legal Immigration Service Provider and How to Become One

To ensure that they conduct their business honestly, immigration service providers often have to obtain an immigration service surety bond.

How To Become An Insurance Broker In California

Getting a California insurance broker license can be the start of an engaging and lucrative career. These are the steps you’ll need to follow to do it.

How to Get a Surety Bond in Maryland

The process of obtaining a surety bond in Maryland doesn’t have to be complicated, but it does require knowledge of how to get a surety bond at the right price and which surety bond is right for each business or individual’s needs.

Understanding Contractor's Licenses in the Carolinas

Quick introduction on how to get a contractor's license in North Carolina or South Carolina, plus requirements such as surety bonds, testing, and application fees.

What Is a Fidelity Bond and How Do I Get One?

To provide a legal and financial guarantee of fidelity and honesty, many businesses use fidelity bonds, but what is a fidelity bond?

Five Must-Have Types of Insurance for Construction Companies

There are 5 types of insurance policies that are essential in every construction project as they offer wide coverage to protect construction firms and help minimize their risks.

How to Become a Public Adjuster

If you like helping people and have a good eye for detail, becoming a public adjuster could be a great career path for you.

45 States Allowing Remote Online Notarization

Increasingly, it’s possible for a notary to notarize a document through video conferencing and electronic document transfer.

New Alabama $50,000 Surety Bond Requirement for Auto Dealers

Alabama HB393 sets out new licensing requirements, fees, and increases the surety bond requirement to $50,000 for new and used Alabama Auto Dealers.

What Is an ERISA Bond and Do I Need One?

If you need an ERISA bond, it can be relatively simple to get one—but there are some key facts to know to ensure that you work with a qualified surety and get an affordable rate.

How to Get a Surety Bond in Texas

Getting a surety bond in Texas is a straightforward process, but first, make sure you know what bond you need.

Virginia Skill Game Owners / Distributors Surety Bonds

Virginia Skill Games Owners and Distributors face new reporting and surety bond requirements starting July 1, 2020.

Everything You Need to Know About Veterans Affairs Fiduciary Bonds

What are these surety bonds? Who does the VA require to get a surety bond? What are the responsibilities of the fiduciary?

A Contractor's Guide to Overcoming Unforeseen Struggles Caused by COVID-19

5 strategies to help contractors mitigate COVID-19 distruptions.

Payment Bonds vs. Performance Bonds

These two types of surety bonds are typically purchased together, but they perform two different and equally critical functions.

Essential Requirements That Every Credit Services Organization Needs

What are the key steps to take and factors to be aware of starting a credit services organization?

Everything You Need to Know About Executor and Administrator Bonds

To ensure that the executor or administrator’s obligations are carried out faithfully, probate courts often require executors and administrators to obtain special types of surety bonds.

Ultimate Guide to Janitorial Bonds: What They Are and Why Your Business Needs One

If you own or manage a janitorial service business, protect your clients and demonstrate your commitment to ethical business practices.

3 Ways California Construction Contractors Can Protect Their Income

Payment issues are a challenge to construction firms all across the globe. The persistence of payment issues lies in the structure of construction projects.

How to Become a Notary Public

What do notaries do? What qualifications are there? What's the application process?

What Is a Guardianship Bond?

We'll discuss the basics of guardianship bonds, including what a guardianship bond is, why many courts require guardianship bonds, and how much you can expect to pay when applying for a guardianship bond.

The Most Common Surety Bonds in Ohio

These surety bonds are all either required or recommended for Ohio businesses.

What Is a Tax Preparer Bond?

Tax preparer surety bonds are required in some states for tax preparers who aren't CPAs or EAs. Find out more about these surety bonds and how to get one easily and affordably.

7 Of The Most Common Surety Bonds in Washington State

For many types of businesses in Washington State, a surety bond is a requirement to get licensed.

The Most Common Surety Bonds in Florida

Florida's allure is much deeper than just the balmy weather that has earned it the title of "Sunshine State."

How to Get a Medical Marijuana Business License in California

The cannabis industry continues to grow into a major force in the California economy.

Why You Need a Durable Medical Equipment Suppliers Bond (and How to Get It)

DMEPOS Medicare providers must enroll with the CMS before they can bill for covered Medicare services

How to Become a Mortgage Broker

Becoming a mortgage broker can be a fun and highly fulfilling career.

Insurance Adjusters 101: Key Differences Between the Types of Adjusters

There are different types of insurance adjusters and each one plays a different role in claims adjustment.

Understanding Oregon Contractor Bonds

Which of the many types of Oregon CCB contractor bonds is right for your business?

Understanding the 3-Party Agreement of Surety Bonds

Sureties, obligees, principals... what do all of these surety bond terms mean?

Does my startup business need a surety bond?

Running a startup comes with a lot of risk. Demonstrate trustworthiness to customers and authorities.

9 Things to Know When Buying Your Surety Bond Online

Buying a surety bond online is a surprisingly quick and easy process when you work with Surety Bonds Direct.

How to Get a Florida Contractor's License

How to Get a Florida Contractor's License

Getting a Florida contractor's license involves a paperwork and demonstrating that you're financially responsible.

Finding an Honest Used Car Dealer

Finding an Honest Used Car Dealer

What does it take to find an honest used car dealer that you can trust to sell you a great vehicle?

California Contractor Bond vs. California Contractor License

California Contractor Bond vs. California Contractor's License

Each is important in its own way, and each is a step on the path to becoming a licensed California contractor

How to get a surety bond with bad credit

How to Get a Surety Bond with Bad Credit

Bad credit shouldn't hold you back from becoming the entrepreneur you've always dreamed of being

What does a surety bond protect?

What Does a Surety Bond Protect Against?

Surety bonds protect a business's customers and clients against all kinds of adverse circumstances

What's the Difference Between a BMC-84 and BMC-85 Freight Broker Bond?

Quickly get your head around the differences between the FMCSA requirements to get your freight broker license.

How to Get a Motor Vehicle Dealers License

How to Get a Motor Vehicle Dealer's License

Thinking about opening your own car dealership? Learn about how to navigate the process, get your bond, and get your license.

How to Get a Motor Vehicle Dealers License Without a Lot

How to Get a Car Dealer's License Without a Lot

If you're just starting out in the car business a dealership without a lot might be an option for you.

The Most Common Surety Bonds in Arizona

The Most Common Surety Bonds in Arizona

Business is booming in Arizona. Which surety bonds are most frequently required to be compliant?

What Entrepreneurs Need to Know About Surety Bonds

What Entrepreneurs Need to Know About Surety Bonds

Entrepreneurs in many different fields need surety bonds to get licensed and protect their customers and themselves.

The most common surety bonds in Texas

Most Common Surety Bonds in Texas

Navigate the most common bonds in one of the fastest-growing states in the nation.

The most common surety bonds in California

Most Common Surety Bonds in California

A fast-growing economy with new businesses and investment makes CA a hot market for bonds.

How to Get a Surety Bond as a New Business

How to Get a Surety Bond as a New Business

Getting the right surety bond for your business for compliance and establishing trust with your clients.

How to Get a Dispensary License in California

How to Get a Dispensary License in California

A quick 5-step overview on how to legally obtain a California dispensary license.

Finding the Right Surety Bond for Your Small Business

Finding the Right Surety Bond for Your Small Business

How to find the right bond for your specific needs for compliance, licensing, and building trust with your customers.

How to Become a Freight Broker

How to Become a Freight Broker

With a booming consumer-driven economy and an eCommerce landscape that’s growing at lightning speed with no signs of slowing anytime soon, there’s enormous demand for all things transport in 2019.

Steps to Get a California Contractor's License

Steps on Getting a California Contractor's License

Become a licensed contractor in the state of California with the help of Surety Bonds Direct. Read this guide for step-by-step info on how to go about getting licensed the right way!

Credit Scores

Beyond the Score: What Items In Your Credit Report Affect Surety Bond Premiums?

In addition to the actual credit score, underwriters will evaluate past due amounts, the number of satisfied accounts, the number of unsatisfied accounts, and the presence, dates, and current status of any liens, judgments, bankruptcies, surety bond claims, and unpaid child support.

Motor Vehicle Dealer Bonds

How Do Motor Vehicle Dealer Bonds Work?

Motor vehicle dealers and related businesses are subject to surety bonding requirements in nearly every state. These bonds are also known as auto dealer bonds, car dealer bonds, and MVD bonds.

Contractor License Bonds

Spotlight: Contractor License Bonds

Almost every state in the country requires that certain types of contractors post surety bonds in conjunction with various licenses and permits. The bonds are required for both residential and commercial contractors engaged in many construction trades including general home improvement, electrical, roofing, drywall, HVAC, plumbing and many other specialties.

Surety Bond Prices

Are Surety Bond Costs Dropping?

The surety bond price drop can be attributed to a few different factors. First, the overall economy is relatively strong and continues to show moderate growth. This means that businesses are doing well overall and insurers that assume the risk of loss on surety bonds are faced with fewer claims and loss payouts. Additionally, more insurers have decided to enter the commercial surety market and that extra competition has led to even lower prices.

Texas Motor Vehicle Dealer Bonds

Texas Vehicle Dealer License Requirements

Texas businesses involved in buying, selling or exchanging motor vehicles or otherwise engaging in business as a dealer, directly or indirectly, including by consignment dealers, must submit application for a general distinguishing number (GDN) license issued by the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles.

Credit scores and co-signers for surety bonds

Is a co-signer right for you?

Finding an affordably priced surety bond when you have poor credit can be a frustrating experience. Often times, bond premiums for those with bad credit or no credit can exceed 10% of the bond amount. Many commercial surety bond requirements exceed $25,000 resulting in annual bond premiums of $2,500 or more for bad credit applicants! This is a significant cost of doing business for a small business owner.

Let's look at an example of a California Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond for $50,000 and the premium (cost) for 2 different buyers, Joe and Ted.