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What Is a Surplus Lines Broker?

What Is a Surplus Lines Broker?

A surplus lines broker is an insurance agent with the authority to find and place coverage with non-admitted (not licensed) insurers in the state in which they are doing business. Businesses that require high-risk coverage that is too much for admitted insurance companies to carry can expect their insurance agent to turn to a surplus lines broker to find surplus lines insurance to cover their needs.

The surplus lines insurance industry is less regulated than the admitted insurance industry. This fact necessitates protection on the part of the surplus lines broker. Surplus lines brokers are required to follow multiple regulatory rules, including purchasing a surplus lines broker bond which ensures that a surplus lines broker meets all the state and federal requirements and protects the business covered by the insurance.

Surplus Lines Insurance and Surplus Lines Brokers

Surplus lines insurance exists to protect against financial risks which regular insurance companies cannot take on. While normal insurance coverage must be purchased from an insurer licensed in the insured company’s state, surplus lines insurance can be bought from a provider that is not insured in the insured business’s state. However, the surplus lines insurer and the surplus lines broker representing them must hold a license in their operating state.

Surplus lines brokers help those who need high-risk insurance find surplus lines coverage. Typically, surplus lines brokers don’t work directly with the company looking for insurance. Instead, the company’s insurance agent enlists them to find a policy that will cover their client.

Requirements for surplus lines brokers include a standard insurance license, a surplus lines license, and a surplus lines broker surety bond.

Requirements for Surplus Lines Brokers

Since surplus lines insurance is high-risk, brokers must adhere to strict regulations, and they are overseen for solvency by their domiciliary country or state. A surplus lines broker must hold three regulatory items to operate. These are a standard insurance license, a surplus lines license and a surplus lines broker bond.

1. Standard Insurance License

A standard insurance license applies to any area of insurance that the surplus lines broker wishes to offer. Many surplus lines brokers are licensed in property or casualty insurance.

2. Surplus Lines License

Surplus lines license is a special certification that allows surplus lines brokers to find and provide surplus lines insurance from a carrier not licensed in the insured entity’s state.

3. Surplus Lines Broker Bond

A surplus lines broker bond, also called a surplus or excess insurance broker bond, is a form of protection for the consumer and is required by the state insurance department. A surplus lines broker bond acts as a guarantee in the event that the broker makes a mistake or the surplus lines insurance company is unable to follow through on its obligations.

Why Do Surplus Lines Brokers Need a Surety Bond?

Due to the high-risk nature of excess insurance lines, it is important for surplus lines brokers to hold a surplus lines insurance bond to protect consumers. Brokers cannot obtain a surplus lines license unless they purchase a surplus lines broker bond.

A state guaranty fund backs regular insurance in the event that the insurance company cannot keep its obligation to make a payout. This same fund does not back surplus lines insurance. The third-party surety bond takes on the financial obligation, thereby protecting consumers if the broker or surplus lines insurance company fails in its duties.

Why do surplus lines brokers need a surety bond? Due tothe high-risk nature of excess insurance lines, it is important for surplus lines brokers to hold a surplus lines insurance bond to protect consumers. Brokers cannot obtain a surplus lines license unless they purchase a surplus lines broker bond.

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Where to Find Surplus Lines Broker Bonds

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Find a Surplus Lines Broker Bond for Your State

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