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Bond Riders

Update Your Surety Bond

Surety Bonds Direct can only issue change riders for bonds that we issued.

Bond Rider Process

  1. Complete your bond rider request.
  2. A bond specialist will review the changes and contact you with any questions within 3 business days.
  3. Your specialist will email you a link to review and approve the changes to the bond, shipping options, and any costs associated with the bond rider.
  4. Your official bond rider will be sent to you.

1. Start a New Rider Get Started »
Request a new bond rider to make changes to your bond

2. Existing Rider Requests
Please check your email for a link to view your rider status.

Rider change fees and/or adjustments to the premium for your bond can vary depending on the changes.
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What is a Bond Rider?

A bond rider is a document that officially amends your surety bond to record changes. Surety bonds, once issued, are not updated directly, so the rider is the way that a change is made to a surety bond.

Most insurance products use the term "endorsement" as a document to change a policy, so you can think of a rider as the equivalent for a surety bond.

Changes can be straightforward, such as updating a company name, or moving to a new address.

Other types of changes, such as increasing the bond amount (aka bond penalty), extending the expiration date of the bond, or changing the ownership of a business will often require adjustments to the premium (the amount you paid for the bond). A bond specialist will determine all costs associated with the changes you need.

In some cases, a new indemnity agreement (contract between you and the surety) will need to be signed. Again, your bond specialist will notify you of all steps required.