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A Specialized Surety Bond Company

Surety Bonds Direct, LLC, Bonds Surety & Fidelity, Charleston, SC

Who We Are

Surety Bonds Direct is a national bonding agency committed to saving you money by going direct for all your surety bond needs. We have simplified the process, offering our customers fast and friendly service at the lowest costs available in the industry. Surety Bonds Direct is licensed to offer thousands of different types of surety bonds across the country.

Great Customer Service

We've partnered with Trustpilot to collect verified reviews from our customers. Take a look at what some of those customers have said.

The Best Surety Insurance Companies

We work with A.M. Best A-Rated Insurance Companies where we leverage our best-in-class technology to streamline the process and save you money.

A-Rated Surety Bond Companies

Why Choose Surety Bonds Direct?

We're surety specialists - surety bonds are all we do. Unlike most agencies that sell various insurance products, we're specialized in surety bonds.

We take pride in being the low cost surety bond destination for individuals and small businesses from coast to coast. For each customer, we'll identify the best carriers and markets to ensure that you get the best price. By working with Surety Bonds Direct, you are also avoiding fees and mark-ups often associated with layers of agents and brokers in the middle. Learn more about choosing a surety company and a surety agent.

Our helpful and knowledgeable staff has years of experience delivering surety bonds to customers with great credit, poor credit, new businesses, and established businesses.

We use a simplified bonding process and leverage our deep surety market expertise to negotiate the best rates with leading surety companies on your behalf.

We understand you have a business to run, and consequently you don't have time to fill out lengthy applications. We get it. Our core business is providing surety bonds and we have invested in great people and leading technologies to make the experience fast, easy and fun (or at least painless) for you. From a simple and quick quoting process to friendly bond experts available to assist you, see how easy it is to GO DIRECT. Get started with a quick, free online quote.

Our Bonding Process

We strive to make the process as painless as possible for you to get bonded. The cornerstones of our process are: easy, secure, fast and accurate. We've designed our quote request process to ask the questions required by a variety of different carriers, so that you can fill out 1 request and we'll do the work of comparing multiple options and provide you with the lowest cost option. How it works...

Complete 2-Minute Quote Request

Request a free, no-obligation quote for the bond you need. If you are not sure what bond you need, give us a call at 1‐800‐608‐9950 and we will help you figure it out.

Leveraging our best-in-class technology and experienced team, we'll gather quotes from different carriers and determine the lowest-cost bond for you.

Review Your Quote and Order Bond

You will receive an email in a matter of minutes or hours (depending on the bond type) containing your low cost bond premium quote. The email will include a link to review your quote in detail, complete your application, and purchase your bond online. Depending on the type of bond, you may also receive a printable copy of the application for you to sign and return.

Receive Your Bond

Once purchased, we will email (when allowed) or mail you the official surety bond for delivery to the obligee.

It's that simple...

Of course, our friendly bond experts are always here to answer questions you may have through the process.