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Administrator Bond
For the administrator of an estate to ensure settlement duties are handled properly
Agricultural Products Dealer Bond
For those who sell agricultural products
Aircraft Dealer Bond
For professionals who sell or broker aircraft
Airline Reporting Corporation (ARC) Bond
For travel agencies accessing the ARC system   Federal Requirement
Alcohol Beverage Bond - State Bond
For businesses licensed to sell, manufacture, import or warehouse alcohol and liquor products
Alcohol Tax (Federal TTB) Brewer, Distiller or Wine Bond
Required by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax Trade Bureau (TTB) for brewers, distillers, and winemakers.   Federal Requirement
Appeal Bond (Supersedeas Bond)
For the holding process of appealing a judgment in a higher court
Appraisal Management Company (AMC) Bond
For businesses engaged in real estate appraisals
Athlete Agent Bond
Required by agents to guarantee contractual and financial responsibilities to the athlete
Auctioneer Bond
For professional auctioneers or auction houses
Autism Scholarship Program Bond
For those entities offering autism programs
Automotive Dismantler or Parts Recycler Bond
For automotive dismantlers or parts recyclers
Bail Agent License Bond
For ensuring compliance and proper accounting of funds
Bid Bond
For submitting proposals for construction projects
Bingo Revenue Bond
For those involved in the promotion or sponsorship of bingo games
BNSF Railway Company Bond
For those purchasing transportation services and/or trailer privileges from BNSF Railway Company
Boat Registration Agent Bond
For authorized boat registration agents
Bond of Seller (Sales and Use Tax Bond)
For certain sellers of merchandise in California
Brewers Bond
For businesses engaged in brewing, sale, importing and/or warehousing of beer
Business Partner Automation Bond
For those authorized to process vehicle related transactions
Business Service Bond (Protects Your Customers from Theft)
Protects your customers from acts of theft, larceny or fraud committed by you or your employees
C - D
Car Wash Bond
For those who operate cash washing businesses to comply with labor laws
Certificate of Title Surety Bond
For claiming ownership and registering a vehicle when the title was lost, defective, or stolen
Check Cashing Bond
To protect customers in the event of lending practice violations
Child and Adult Care Food Program Bond
Bond required for federally funded program for reimbursement for eligible meals based on age and income requirements.
Citrus Fruit Dealer Bond
Ensures licensed Florida citrus dealers comply with state requirements
Collection Agency Bond
For agencies engaged in the business of debt collection
Commercial Requester Bond
For Commercial Requestor Account (CRA) holders
Concessionaire Bond
For conducting business on third party premises
Contract Postal Unit Bond
For authorized supplier operated postal service units
Contract/Construction Bond
For ensuring a construction job is completed according to the contract
Contractor License Bond
For licensed contractors to ensure compliance with state or local regulations and statutes
Cosmetology School Bond
For authorized cosmetology schools
Court or Probate (Fiduciary) Bond
To protect a party in a legal process or guarantee the duties of a fiduciary
Credit Services Organization Bond
For those who offer professional credit services
Customs Bond
For businesses that ship goods into the United States   Federal Requirement
Debt Management Services Bond
For debt management business
Driving School Bond
For those engaged the business of providing driver training education or testing
Durable Medical Equipment Suppliers (DMEPOS) or Medicare Bond
For suppliers of durable medical equipment, prosthetics, orthotics and other medical products   Federal Requirement
E - F
G - H
I - J
L - M
Landscape Contractor Bond
For contractors engaged in landscape work
Legal Document Assistant Bond
For those who offer legal document services
Livestock Packers and Stockyards Bond
For livestock market agencies, dealers and packers   Federal Requirement
LLC Employee/Worker Bond
For LLC's operating in the state
Loan Services or Broker Bond
For those who broker loans or provide other loan services
Lost Security or Instrument Bond
For lost or misplaced security certificates
Lottery Bond
For retailers that sell lottery tickets
Maintenance Bond
For protecting against defective materials and workmanship
Managing General Agent Bond
For those acting as managing general insurance agents
Manufactured Housing Bond
For those who sell, broker or install manufactured homes
Manufactured Housing Installer (HUD) Bond
For U.S. Housing and Urban Development (HUD) licensed manufactured housing installation contractors
Manufactured Housing Installer Bond
For those who install manufactured homes
Marijuana Bond
For those licensed to operate retail or medical marijuana dispensaries
Medicaid Provider Bond
For those who sell durable medical equipment
Mixed Beverage Sales Tax or Gross Receipts Tax Bond
For state taxes, fees and penalties
Mobile Home or RV Dealer Bond
For professionals operating in the mobile home or recreational vehicle industry
Modern Taximeter System Payment Service Provider Bond
For authorized taximeter service providers in Washington DC
Modular Building Bond
For modular building dealers, installers, manufacturers and contractors
Money Transmitter Bond
For those who issue payment instruments or exchange or transmit funds
Mortgage Broker, Lender or Other Industry Bond
For professionals engaged in brokering, originating, lending and other mortgage services
Motor or Automobile Club Bond
For membership fee based automobile or motor clubs
Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond
For auto dealers or others who buy, sell, auction, or repair cars or other motor vehicles
Motor Vehicle Possessory Lien Bond
For mechanics to be able to assert a lien
N - O
P - R
Passenger Carrier and Broker Bond
For authorized passenger transport groups
Pawnbroker Bond
For licensed operators to legally operate pawn shops
Payment Bond
For ensuring that subcontractors and suppliers are paid
Performance & Payment Bond
For guaranteeing satisfactory completion of a project
Permit or Right of Way Bond
For right-of-way work along public highways, streets and other roadways
Pest Control Bond
For pest control businesses
Pharmacy Wholesaler Bond
For those engaged in pharmaceutical drug distribution
Polygraph Examiner Bond
For those authorized to perform polygraph examinations
Pre-Qualification Line Bond
For pre-qualifying for a contract bond line of credit approval
Precious Metals Dealer Bond
For those engaged in purchasing or selling precious metals
Premium Finance Company Bond
For businesses that offer premium financing solutions
Preneed Funeral Bond
For those operate funeral homes
Prepaid Rental Listing Service Bond
For fee based rental listing service businesses
Private Detective or Investigator Bond
For those licensed as professional investigators and detectives
Private Finger Printing Provider Bond
For those providing private finger printing services
Private School Bond
For businesses or organizations that provide various types of private education
Process Server Bond
For those authorized by law to perform process procedures
Professional Employment Organization (PEO) Bond
For businesses that provide employer services
Professional Fundraiser Bond
For those authorized to legally raise money or solcit business for various organizations
Promoter Bond
For those who are authorized to promote various sporting events
Public Official Bond
For public officials to protect against violations of duty
Public or Independent Adjuster Bond
For licensed professionals engaged in insurance adjusting
Real Estate Broker Bond
For real estate broker license
Real Estate School Bond
For those providing real estate educational programs to students
Release of Lien Bond
For the discharge of liens against property
Remittance Agent Bond
For those who engage in accepting money for remittance for payment of vehicle taxes or fees
Replevin Bond
For plaintiffs in a court of law to secure property from the defendant
Repossessor Bond
For those who repossess collateral
S - T
SAG-AFTRA Franchised Talent Agency Bond
For guarantee compliance of franchised talent agencies
Sales Tax Bond
For authorized sellers of merchandise in the state
Security Systems Bond
For agencies providing security or protective services
Seller of Travel Bond
For travel agents and other professionals involved in facilitating travel arrangements for consumers
Service Contract Provider Bond
For licensed service contract providers
Sewage Disposal Service Bond
For those engaged in sewage disposal
Sewage Treatment System Bond
For sewage treatment system installers and service providers
Site Improvement Bond
For ensuring project improvements and renovations are executed properly
Subdivision Bond
For protection against public project defaults
Supply Bond
For guaranteeing that suppliers deliver as required
Surplus Lines Broker or Agent Bond
For professionals authorized to broker surplus insurance lines business
Talent Agency Bond
For those who legally procure employment for professional artists
Tax Collector Bond
For professionals authorized to engage in tax collection
Tax Preparer Bond
For those professionals who engage in tax preparation for others
Taxpayer Bond for Contractors
For compliance with state contractor statutes
Telecommunications Service Provider (CLEC) Bond
For telecommunications providers
Telemarketing or Solicitor Bond
For licensed telemarketers and telephone solicitors
Temporary Help Service Bond
For those operating as temporary health service firms
Third Party Insurance Administrator Bond
For entities serving as third party insurance administrators
Title Company Bond
For professionals operating in the auto title industry
Title Insurance Agency Bond
For those who engage in the negotiation, sale and handling of title insurance policies
Tobacco Tax Bond
For businesses that manufacture, sell or warehouse tobacco products
Toll Surety Bond
For toll road and turnpike users
Towing License Bond
For tow truck operators
Trustee Bond
To ensure that a court or document appointed trustee faithfully performs his or her duties
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