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Business Service Bonds

Business Service Bond (Protects Your Customers from Theft) Information

A Business Service Fidelity Bond provides protection against financial liability for the loss of a customer's money, securities, or personal property caused by acts of misconduct or dishonesty by employees of the bonded/insured committed only while engaged in services on the customer’s premises (i.e. offices, homes or other property). This coverage provides your customers with peace of mind. A specialized business service bond form with the same coverages called a Janitorial Service Bond is used for the home and business cleaning industry. 

This is not employee dishonesty coverage to protect your business from dishonest acts of your employees against your business. If you are a business owner looking for a bond to protect against your employees stealing from your business as opposed to stealing from your customers, you should explore an Employee Theft Bond.

A Business Service Bond is also not the correct bond for a license or permit. If you need a bond for a license or permit required by a state or local government, please use the search option at the top of the page to find your bond by license activity.

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Surety Bonds Direct is able to offer Business Service Bonds up to $250,000 for companies with 25 or fewer employees without a credit check! For larger companies, or larger bond amounts, our fast and easy process will get you a great rate for your bond. Get Started!

If you're not certain that a business service bond is the right bond for you, it may be helpful to check out our surety bond resource center and our article Finding the Right Surety Bond for Your Small Business. As a general rule, if you will be submitting the bond to your city, county, or state, you need a specific license and permit bond and the easiest way to find the bond is either to use the search at the top of the page or to find your bond by state, then search through the various bonds by industry. If you don't see a specific city or county bond listed, simply choose the "local requirement" option and we'll help to locate the specific bond form for you.

Business services bonds are a type of fidelity bond that is common if your business requires you to be on premise at a client's home, office, or facility.  Janitorial service bonds are business services specifically for the cleaning industry. Employee Theft Bonds are similar to business service bonds but instead of protecting the client, the employee theft bond protects the company that purchases the bond and hence works much more like traditional insurance. Business Service Surety Bonds are commonly purchased to show professional credibility by businesses engaged in the following activities: Appliance repair, pest control, security and surveillance, home health care, elderly or child care, household or business cleaning (Janitorial Service Bond), pool cleaning and repair, moving, locksmiths, painting, landscaping and groundskeeping.