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Janitorial (Cleaning) Service Bonds

Janitorial (Cleaning) Service Bond Information

Janitorial Service Bonds are a type of business service surety bond tailored to meet the unique needs of the cleaning industry. These surety bonds are sometimes called residential cleaning bonds, maid surety bonds, or housekeeper bonds. The primary purpose of the bond is to protect customers from losses arising from theft, larceny, fraud or other unethical behavior by employees. A key benefit of these surety bonds to a business owner is the image of trustworthiness and credibility that is conveyed to customers by being a bonded business.


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Surety Bonds Direct is able to offer Janitorial Service Bonds up to $250,000 for companies with 25 or fewer employees without a credit check! For larger cleaning companies, or larger bond amounts, our fast and easy process will get you a great rate for your bond. Get Started!

These bonds are sometimes known as "Fidelity Bonds" or "Theft Bonds" and aren't the type of bond you'd use to apply for a business license or permit. Janitorial Service Bonds provide credibility for your business and are frequently requested by clients to help protect their property.