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Janitorial (Cleaning) Service Bonds

Janitorial (Cleaning) Service Bond Information

Janitorial service bonds or cleaning service bonds are a type of surety bond called a business service bond.

This surety bond is a type of insurance you elect to purchase as a guarantee to your clients and customers that your employees will not steal while conducting work on their property.

A janitorial business service bond is relatively inexpensive and can be an important signal to a prospective client that you're business is trustworthy.

3 Steps to Find the Correct Janitorial Service Bond Amount

If a client hasn't requested a specific bond amount, follow these steps.

Step 1: Residential or Commercial?

If you exclusively obtain residential contracts, we recommend a minimum of $10,000. Most businesses choose between $15,000 and $25,000.

If you service commercial properties, we recommend a minimum of $25,000, but most of our customers choose $50,000 bond amount.

Step 2: How Many Employees?

Enter the number of full time employees you currently employ. If you hire more in the future, your bond can be easily updated. 

Step 3: Select Your Term and Purchase

Select your term (the duration of the bond) and instantly purchase your janitorial bond. Our bond issuance department will have your bond emailed to you within a business day.

Janitorial Service Bond Price Calculator

Select the number of people covered (owners + employees) and the bond amount that you need.

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Janitorial Service Bonds up to $250,000 With No Credit Check

Surety Bonds Direct is able to offer Janitorial Service Bonds up to $250,000 for companies with 25 or fewer employees without a credit check! For larger cleaning companies, or larger bond amounts, our fast and easy process will get you a great rate for your bond. Get Started!

These bonds are sometimes known as "Fidelity Bonds" or "Theft Bonds" and aren't the type of bond you'd use to apply for a business license or permit. Janitorial Service Bonds provide credibility for your business and are frequently requested by clients as a requirement to get hired for a cleaning contract.

What is Cleaning Business Insurance and Bonding?

Getting bonded as a janitorial/cleaning business allows your company to earn the trust of your clients and secure more or larger cleaning contracts.

A janitorial service bond (business service bond) is purchased to protect your customers from employee theft, fraud, and other forms of misconduct while your employees are on private property. This assurance gives your clients and potential clients faith and security to hire you.

Surety Bonds Direct works with hundreds of janitorial and cleaning service businesses. Here's how to use the calculator below to determine the correct bond amount.

Does a Cleaning Business Need to be Bonded?

It depends. Technically no, a janitorial/cleaning business does not need to be bonded to secure new client contracts. However, most homeowners and commercial businesses require a janitorial company to be bonded before they will hire and sign a new contract.

So while a janitorial and cleaning service bonds are not required by law, they are likely required to secure quality client contracts.

Plus, the low cost of bonding your janitorial/cleaning business makes purchasing your surety bond an easy decision.

How Much Does a Cleaning Business Bond Cost?

The prices offered above by Surety Bond Direct are the lowest offered. This is the benefit of purchasing your bond through a specialize surety agency like Surety Bonds Direct.

We have relationships with multiple sureties who write business service surety bonds. This means we can price shop for your company and secure the lowest price offered on the market.

Get Your Janitorial Service Bond Now!

How Long Does it Take to Get Your Janitorial Service Company Bonded?

Once you complete your purchase, our surety bond issuing department can have your bond emailed to you within 10 minutes.

You can show proof your janitorial or cleaning business is bonded almost immediately.

How Long Does a Janitorial and Cleaning Service Bond Remain Active?

This is called the term of the bond. Surety Bonds Direct offers 1 year bond terms and 3 year bond terms.

You choose how long you want your cleaning bond to remain active. As the bond nears renewal, Surety Bonds Direct will help you renew your bond. This means paying the premium (or cost) again for the next term. Our bond specialists make this process easy.

Is There a Difference Between a Janitorial Bond and a Cleaning Service Bond?

No. Both janitorial bonds and cleaning business bonds are a type of surety bond called a fidelity bond or business service bond.

These types of fidelity bonds are utilized by numerous types of businesses outside of the janitorial and cleaning industries. In fact, any business that enters a private homeowners residence or a commercial office building typically purchases a fidelity or business service bond.

Why is a Janitorial service Bond Required if Businesses are Insured?

Good question.

From the homeowner or business owner's perspective, it's a liability having individuals they've never met on their private property and around computers and other valuables.

Homeowners purchase home insurance to protect against theft, damage, and natural disaster. Businesses purchase commercial renters insurance to protect against theft, damage, even loss of revenue required property is damaged.

Yet, paying for the liability of theft and damage caused by a hired service provider's employees is something the homeowner and commercial business should not have to take on. This is why business service bonds exist.

Janitorial and cleaning service businesses pay for this liability and in turn show they are legitimate businesses that vets and hires quality employees.

If an employee steals or causes property damage, the homeowner or commercial business client can make a claim against the janitorial bond up to the bond amount, never higher.

Do You Need a License for a Cleaning Business?

There is not official cleaning business license. However some states (or cities) may required your janitor/cleaning business to obtain a standard business license.

This business license has nothing to do with getting bonded. A business license registers a business with the state (or city) so that applicable taxes are paid.