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Administrator Bonds

What is an Administrator Bond?

An Administrator Bond is posted by the court appointed administrator of an estate. The surety bond ensures the estate settlement duties are handled according to the provisions of the will and the legal requirements of the jurisdiction. An Administrator Bond is similar to an Executor Bond in function but is required to handle estates where an individual either died without a will or did not have an executor. Administrator bonds may also be required when the appointed executor has died, been removed or declines to serve.

How Much Does an Administrator Bond Cost?

Administrator Bond prices vary based on the bond amount and the applicant. Most bonds are priced starting from 0.5-1% of the bond amount. Request a free, no-obligation quote and one of our bond specialists will look at your specific circumstances.

You will need to provide a schedule of all assets and liabilities related to the probate matter as well as court documents.

The court should already have provided you with a formal request for a bond and a specific bond amount.

If you'd prefer to speak with one of our bond specialists, please call us at 1-800-608-9950. We can help guide you through the bonding process and identify the lowest cost in the market for your situation.