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Surety Bond Cost Calculator

Get a Quick Estimate of Your Bond Cost

Prices for most bond types are fixed at the low end of this range for everyone and available for immediate purchase. Prices for other bond types are credit driven and applicants with fair to good credit can expect to pay on the low end of the range and applicants with poor or limited credit can expect to pay from the middle to higher end of the range. Show me the exact price I will pay for the bond I need.

Bond durations vary by state from 3 to 10 years.
This is the 1-time cost.

All Notary Bonds from Surety Bonds Direct are available at fixed prices.

Try the Notary Bond Express® to get your Notary Bond online right now or check Notary Bond Prices in Your State.

Business Service Bonds and Janitorial Service Bonds are available at low pre-set prices without a credit check.

Check costs for business service bonds or costs for janitorial service bonds as low as $100.00 a year!

ERISA bonds up to $500,000 are available at low prices without a credit check. Check costs for ERISA bonds as low as $100.00 for a 3-year term!

If you need a surety bond as part of getting your business or individual license, choose "License and Permit Bonds."

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This calculator will provide you with an estimate of the bond premium. Please note that these estimates are for informational and reference purposes and do not qualify as an offer price.