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Notary Bond Prices by State

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How Much Does a Notary Bond Cost?

A notary public bond is a type of surety bond that notaries public need to purchase before they begin to notarize documents for the public. New notaries and experienced notaries alike need to purchase a notary surety bond to ensure that their clients are protected.

The cost of your surety bond is based on your state. Check the price table below to determine your cost. Surety Bonds Direct offers the Notary Bond Express™ to get your bond quickly. In most cases, we can send you your bond via email within a few business hours of your payment.

Every notary bond purchased from Surety Bonds Direct is from a national A-rated carrier company.

Notary Bond Prices by State

The price shown below is your 1-time payment that is good for the entire term.

StateCostTermBond Amount
Alabama Notary Bond$504 Year Term$25,000
Alaska Notary Bond$484 Year Term$2,500
Arizona Notary Bond$404 Year Term$5,000
Arkansas Notary Bond$5010 Year Term$7,500
California Notary Bond$504 Year Term$15,000
District of Columbia Notary Bond$505 Year Term$2,000
Florida Notary Bond$994 Year Term$7,500
Hawaii Notary Bond$504 Year Term$1,000
Idaho Notary Bond$506 Year Term$10,000
Illinois Notary Bond$304 Year Term$5,000
Indiana Notary Bond$508 Year Term$25,000
Kansas Notary Bond$404 Year Term$12,000
Kentucky Notary Bond$504 Year Term$1,000
Louisiana Notary Bond$1105 Year Term$10,000
Michigan Notary Bond$306 Year Term$10,000
Mississippi Notary Bond$404 Year Term$5,000
Missouri Notary Bond$404 Year Term$10,000
Montana Notary Bond$504 Year Term$25,000
Nebraska Notary Bond$454 Year Term$15,000
Nevada Notary Bond$354 Year Term$10,000
New Mexico Notary Bond$654 Year Term$10,000
North Dakota Notary Bond$604 Year Term$7,500
Oklahoma Notary Bond$304 Year Term$1,000
Pennsylvania Notary Bond$604 Year Term$10,000
South Dakota Notary Bond$606 Year Term$5,000
Tennessee Notary Bond$304 Year Term$10,000
Texas Notary Bond$504 Year Term$10,000
Utah Notary Bond$504 Year Term$5,000
Washington Notary Bond$404 Year Term$10,000
West Virginia Notary Bond$605 Year Term$1,000
Wisconsin Notary Bond$304 Year Term$500
Wyoming Notary Bond$604 Year Term$500

When it's time to get your notary public surety bond renewed, you'll need to purchase the bond for a new term. If the company you work for is paying for you to become a notary public, you may want to ask if they will pay the premium as part of your expenses.

Notary bonds aren't the same thing as an errors and omissions insurance policy. An errors and omissions insurance policy is a type of insurance product that protects you in the event that a judgment is filed against you for an error you make. By contrast, a notary bond protects your clients from financial harm caused by an error.

An errors and omissions insurance policy is not required by law, and the policy generally costs more than a notary surety bond. However, note that your state may have a policy stating that notaries have unlimited personal financial liability for errors, so it can be financially advantageous to have an E&O insurance policy. In many states, Surety Bonds Direct is able to offer a complimentary E&O policy with your surety bond!

For example, in Texas, a notary is personally liable for any kind of negligence and/or fraud committed in the course of their official duties. You'll need to check with your state government for more information on your state's notary liability policy. Furthermore, remember that the notary is ultimately responsible for paying back the full amount paid as a part of a surety bond claim, and an E&O insurance policy can help cover this.

For more information on notary surety bonds, see our guide to how to become a notary public.

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