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The 3 Steps To Get Your Alabama Roofing License Application Submitted

The 3 Steps To Get Your Alabama Roofing License Application Submitted

Getting your residential roofing license in Alabama is a fast process. There are only a few steps that require extra time and may be new to you if this is your first time getting licensed. This short article will explain the steps to get your Alabama Residential Roofer license and focus on the steps that are new to roofers getting licensed for the first time.

The Steps For Getting The Alabama Residential Roofing License

What Defines a Residential Roofer?

According to Alabama's Home Builders License Board, a residential roofer is a contractor who:

  • Contracts direction with a residential homeowner
  • Performs the installation of new roofs
  • Repairs existing roofs
  • Contracts for projects that are greater than $2,500

And they define roofing work as any structure that seals, waterproofs, and/or weather proofs a personal residence.

The key thing to know is if you take on any job that is greater than $2,500, you must be licensed to legally perform roofing work in the state.

Step 1 - Appoint The Designated Qualifying Representative?

Appoint the designated qualifying representative. This is the person who is responsible for meeting all of the licensing and education requirements for the county and city where you'll be performing work.

The Designated Qualifying Representative (DQR) is the individual responsible for meeting all of the licensing requirements.

If you're a sole proprietor, you are the DQR.

If you're a business entity that is getting licensed the DQR must be a:

  • General partner if the entity is a partnership
  • Office if the entity is a corporation
  • Member if the entity is a member managed LLC
  • Manager if the entity is a manager managed LLC

DQR Required Experience

The DQR must show an active business license as a contractor issued by the municipality, township, or county where the business is going to be conducting business.

This may require multiple business licenses depending on each individual county, municipality, or township and how many of these areas you'll perform work across.

There are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. The business license required by the individual county, municipality, or township may have it's own experience requirement
  2. There many be additional surety bond requirements

If you run into additional bonding requirements, fill out our quote form. We will be able to help you obtain the correct bond form get it issued quickly.

Step 2 - Purchase The $10,000 License Surety Bond

Alabama requires all licensed roofers doing over $2,500 worth of work to be bonded. This roofing surety bond is a guarantee the roofer will follow all building codes and treat their customers with good business practices and ethical behavior.

The Alabama Home Builder Licensure Board requires a $10,000 surety bond. This is commonly called a contractor license bond.

Bond Type Pricing Options Purchase
Contractor Bond - Residential Roofer $150 expires on 12/31 Click to Buy

Remember, based on the county, municipality, or township, there may be additional bonding requirements.

Cities such as Birmingham, Mobile, and Montgomery may require roofing contractors to purchase an additional bond for projects in their city limits.

You will learn about these extra requirements when you pull permits for your projects.

What is a Contractor Surety Bond?

A surety bond is typically a license and permit requirement by a state or local government.

This surety bond or contractor bond is a type of insurance that *acts as a guarantee that you will:

  • Follow the laws and regulations set forth by the Alabama Home Builders Licensure Board and any local government contractor or building agency
  • Service your customers with good business practices and fully complete projects

It's the job of state and local governments to ensure the public has access to qualified and reputable contracting services.

This is why many licensing and permit agencies require a contractor to be bonded.

The bond provides protection from contractors who:

  • Fail to state a project after taking a down payment
  • Break contracts by using replacing materials
  • Failing to pay subcontractors for the work they provide

If a contractor is found guilty of any misconduct or fraud that financially harms their customer, the customer can make a claim against the bond. If the claim is deemed legitimate, the customer can be reimbursed up to the $10,000 bond amount.

How Much Does a $10,000 Roofing Bond Cost?

A surety, the insurance company who underwrites the surety bond, typically determines the risk of the bond by assessing the:

  • Credit of the owner or owners
  • Business and industry experience
  • The licensing history of the owner or owners

This is why it's best to use a specialized surety agency like Surety Bonds Direct.

We work with a network of A-rated sureties to find our customers the lowest possible price.

And with the Alabama roofers contractor bond, we have secured a low fixed price of $150. This means you can purchase your bond today and have it issued within 1 to 2 days.

The bond expires on December 31st each year. Renewing your bond is easy. Surety Bonds Direct will manage renewing the bond for you and issue the required renewal certificate when the renewal premium is paid.

Step 3 - Alabama Roofing Application Steps

The steps to submit your completed application are simple. But depending on your specific data, there may be more documentation required. Here are the 8 steps outlined.

Let's quickly run through the application steps to help you get it filled out faster.

Section 1: Applicant Information

This is where you provide the address and contact information for the applicant. The applicant is the business entity getting licensed.

If you're a sole proprietor, this would be your personal information.

Section 2: Designated Qualifying Representative

This is where you will specify the individual serving as the DQR and answer questions such as:

  • Does the individual currently hold an individual home builders license or serve as a DQR for a business entity
  • Does the individual currently hold a home builders license or service as a qualified individual from another state
  • Whether the individual is an officer, member, or manager of the appropriate entity

Section 3: Applicant Background And Business History

This section is where you will answer questions about past:

  • Felonies
  • License suspensions
  • License revocations
  • License denials

If you or any of the ownership answer yes to the questions in this section, you'll have to provide official documentation and explanations with the application.

Section 4: Experience and Ability

Remember, for a roofing license, there is no direct experience requirement.

However, because you must show a copy of the occupational license from the county, municipality, or township where you'll be performing work, this is where there is likely to be an experience requirement (even possible examination requirements).

Section 5: Business Financial Information

There are no requirements for business financials. However, this is the step that specifies the bonding requirement.

When you work with Surety Bonds Direct, we will handle filling out the correct bond form for you with all of the required signatures and seals.

Section 6: Proof of Citizenship

You must be a legal citizen or the United States or have proof of legal presence if you're currently not a legal citizen.

Section 7 and 8: Oath and Release

The final two sections are affidavits attesting to the accuracy of the application.

Section 7 is for the Designated Qualifying Representative.

Section 8 is to attest that you are capable of completing the application on behalf of the business entity getting licensed.

When You Need Your Bond We're Ready To Help

Call Surety Bonds Direct when you need to purchase the $10,000 roofers surety bond. We'll help you save money and make the process fast and easy to get through.

As you can see, the process for obtaining an Alabama roofing license is straightforward and relatively easy to complete.

Learn how to get your Alabama HVAC license if you're interested in adding more expertise to your contracting business.

When it comes to purchasing the required roofing surety bond, remember:

  • You can purchase it direction from Surety Bonds Direct with no credit check and a low fixed price of $150
  • We guarantee it will be accepted by the Alabama Home Builders Licensure Board

If you have any questions about the bond or what to see if you qualify for a lower price, call a bond specialist today at 1-800-608-9950.

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