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7 Of The Most Common Surety Bonds in Washington State

7 Of The Most Common Surety Bonds in Washington State

Washington State is a major hub for technology and business on the west coast. Many of the most successful businesses of the 21st century, from Amazon to Starbucks to Microsoft, have been founded and grown in Washington State. But just as important are the many thousands of small- and medium-sized businesses that continuously move the state's economy forward through their innovation and passion.

If you're considering founding, buying, or expanding a business in Washington State, it's important to know what kind of surety bonds your business may be required to obtain. (See our article What Is a Surety Bond? for a quick explanation on how surety bonds work.) Surety Bonds Direct is the premier choice for Washington surety bonds, with affordable premiums on any surety bond required to do business in Washington State. In this article, we'll provide a quick overview of our most popular surety bonds for Washington businesses.

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  1. Washington Motor Vehicle Dealer, Manufacturer, or Wrecker Surety Bonds

    Washington automobile dealers have the responsibility to conduct ethical and lawful business transactions with their customers and their creditors. Washington State motor vehicle dealer surety bonds protect customers and creditors in the event that an auto dealer behaves unethically, and these surety bonds are required in order to get a Washington auto dealer license from state authorities. Numerous types of motor vehicle business bonds are required in Washington; see our Washington State auto dealer bonds page for the full list.

  2. Washington Auctioneer or Auction Company Surety Bonds

    Auctioneers and auction companies must apply for Washington auctioneer licenses from the Washington State Department of Licensing before beginning operations. As part of the application process, the applicant must submit a Washington State auctioneer or auction company surety bond to guarantee that the business will abide by Washington's auction regulations.

    A Washington State auctioneer bond must cover a penalty sum of $5,000, while a Washington State auction company bond must cover $20,000. Each bond is available in one-, two-, or three-year terms as an instant purchase from Surety Bonds Direct. ("penal sum," "bond amount," and "penalty" all refer to the required amount for the bond as set by the state. The price a customer pays is a small percent of that amount.)

  3. Washington Contractor License Surety Bonds

    Washington State requires construction and maintenance contractors to obtain a Washington State contractor bond and insurance as part of the process of getting a Washington contractor license. Different bond amounts are required for different types of contractors:

    Washington Contractor License TypeSurety Bond Amount
    General Contractors$12,000
    Fire Sprinkler System Contractors$10,000
    Specialty Contractors$6,000
    Electrical and Telecom Contractors$4,000

    Washington State contractor license bonds are issued for one-year or two-year terms. Note that certain Washington municipalities also require additional contractor surety bonds, so businesses that don't see the specific local bond that they need should use the "Contractor License Bond – Filed with City, County or Other Local Government" option when requesting a quote.

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  4. Washington Notary Public Surety Bonds

    Notaries in Washington State are required to carry Washington State notary public surety bonds with a penalty sum of $10,000 to certify that they will faithfully execute a notary's legal duties. The process of getting a Washington State notary surety bond is quick and easy: Four-year notary surety bonds are available instantly from Surety Bonds Direct for a one-time payment.

  5. Washington Private Investigative Agency Surety Bonds

    Private investigator businesses have to take care to follow the law when conducting their investigations. Washington State private investigative agency surety bonds help hold private investigators accountable to their clients and to the law, and these surety bonds are required as part of how to get a Washington private investigator's license. Washington State private investigator surety bonds have a $10,000 penalty sum and a one-year term. These bonds are available instantly from Surety Bonds Direct for a one-time fee.

  6. Washington Freight Broker (BMC-84) Surety Bonds

    Freight brokers in Washington State must always ensure that they're working within federal freight and highway regulations. Thus, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requires freight brokers to carry freight broker surety bonds to guarantee compliance with these obligations.

    BMC-84 surety bonds have a penalty sum of $75,000 and a one-year term. BMC-84 bonds are filed with the FMCSA rather than the Washington State government, and Surety Bonds Direct electronically files the BMC-84 surety bond on behalf of our clients free of charge.

  7. Washington Aircraft Dealer Surety Bonds

    Aircraft dealers and brokers in Washington State are subject to high standards and scrutiny to ensure that the aircraft they sell are safe and high-quality, and aircraft dealer surety bonds are a requirement for getting a Washington aircraft dealer license. Washington State aircraft broker and dealer bonds with a $25,000 penalty sum are available for instant purchase through Surety Bonds Direct with no credit check.

Surety Bonds Direct makes it easy and affordable for businesses in Washington State to get the surety bonds they need at the right price. You can get started right now using our free online surety bond quote tool, or call Surety Bonds Direct at 1-800-608-9950 for assistance from our surety bond experts.

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