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Nevada Residential Contractor Consumer Protection Bond

The Nevada State Contractors Board created a new surety bond for residential contractors under Assembly Bill 39. This is a consumer protection bond similar to the consumer protection bond required for pool and spa contractors.

This bond was created to protect customers from contractors charging excessive down payments and unrealistic project payment schedules.

This video will break down what this Nevada contractor bond is and why it was created. You'll learn how this bond is not a mandatory requirement but it might be a great idea for your contracting business.

Here are the video timestamps if you want to skip around:

  • 00:12 - Bond introduction (Assembly Bill 39)
  • 00:37 - Who is this new consumer protection bond for?
  • 00:43 - What contracting jobs this bond applies to
  • 00:53 - Why does this consumer protection bond exist?
  • 00:58 - Fast surety bond recap
  • 01:30 - What the consumer protection bond protects against
  • 01:45 - How Assembly Bill 39 impacts contractors
  • 02:14 - Why purchasing this surety bond is a good idea
  • 02:44 - How much does this bond cost?
  • 03:00 - The 3 factors that impact the bond price
  • 03:19 - Example bond rates and prices
  • 03:33 - How to purchase this bond and pay less
  • 03:57 - How to make renewing this bond easy
  • 04:09 - How to get a free price quote

If this contractor bond sounds like the right decision for your contractor business, get a free price quote so you know how much it will cost. Use our free online quote tool and get pricing within one business day.

If you'd prefer to speak with a bond specialist over the phone, call 1-800-608-9950.

If you're still going through the licensing process, read our article outlining the 9 steps to get your Nevada contractor license bond.

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