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What is a Bonded Title in Texas?

Texas has a pretty complicated process to getting a Texas bonded title. This video is going to break down the steps and paperwork you need to make getting a bonded title easy and fast.

Check the video timestamps below to skip around. And when you need to purchase the title bond or get a free quote if your vehicle is valued over $30,000, use our free online quote form.

Video Timestamps:

  • 00:24 - Video agenda
  • 00:39 - What is a bonded title?
  • 01:04 - When do you need a title bond?
  • 01:30 - Why are surety bonds used for title bonds?
  • 01:41 - What does a title bond protect?
  • 02:12 - The title bond waiting period
  • 02:33 - How to purchase a Texas title bond
  • 02:57 - The initial review and application
  • 03:06 - Step 1: Show evidence of ownership
  • 03:26 - Find the vehicle value with the Standard Presumptive Value
  • 03:43 - Find the vehicle value with the National Auto Dealers Association
  • 03:58 - Find the vehicle value by getting an appraised value
  • 4:23 - The Texas title bond value equation
  • 4:34 - Step 2: Purchase the Texas title bond
  • 5:21 - Texas title bond price examples
  • 6:01 - Step 3: Register the vehicle
  • 7:08 - Recap on how to get a Texas title bond

If you're completely new to title bond, read our post about what is a bonded title and why states require them.

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