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VA Surety Bond (Veterans Affairs Fiduciary Bond)

If you've just been named the fiduciary of a veteran, and you're here, you've been told to purchase a surety bond. This bond is called a Veterans Affairs Custodian or Fiduciary Bond and it's required when the veteran's benefits are $25,000 or greater.

Learn what this bond is and why you're required to purchase it. Plus I'll show you how to save money so you pay as little as possible.

Here are the video timestamps so you can jump around if you want to:

  • 00:17 - Video agenda
  • 00:37 - What is a surety bond?
  • 00:46 - The responsibilities of a veteran fiduciary
  • 01:04 - What does a VA bond protect against
  • 01:10 - Examples of fraudulent actions a fiduciary can make
  • 01:33 - What is the bond amount?
  • 01:47 - How much does a VA bond cost?
  • 02:04 - Factors that impact the price of a VA bond
  • 02:46 - Pricing examples with different rates
  • 03:32 - Go request your pricing with no obligation
  • 03:53 - How to purchase a VA bond
  • 04:07 - Having your bond issued
  • 04:29 - Renewing your VA bond
  • 04:41 - Keeping your bond active year over year
  • 05:13 - Get your pricing so you can make the right decision

How Long Does It Take To Get A Surety Bond?

How Long Does It Take To Get A Surety Bond?

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What's a Surety Bond And Why Is It Required?

What's a Surety Bond And Why Is It Required?

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What Does a Surety Bond Cost?

What Does a Surety Bond Cost?

This video is going to make it easy to understand how much your surety bond will cost.

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