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California Contractor LLC Employee/Worker Bond

If you're a California business entity getting a contractor license, you may need to purchase a special type of bond called a Qualifying Individual bond. This is for the Responsible Managing Officer or Employee and it may or may not be required. Learn about this bond and how you can purchase it for less.

If you're a California contractor with a business entity structured as an LLC, you'll need to purchase a special type of surety bond called an LLC Worker Bond. Learn why this bond exists and how you can get your bonding process done fast and pay less.

  • 00:13 - LLC Worker bond introduction
  • 00:20 - How bond requirements become law
  • 00:39 - Why the LLC Worker bond exists
  • 00:58 - How is the LLC Worker bond price determined?
  • 01:58 - The 3 factors that determine the price
  • 01:36 - How to save money purchasing your LLC Worker bond
  • 02:00 - Example pricing of the LLC Worker bond
  • 02:28 - How to purchase the LLC Worker bond
  • 02:53 - Renewing your LLC Worker bond
  • 03:26 - Get your pricing today and get this process done

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