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OMMA Surety Bond

The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) has a surety bond requirement for currently licensed and newly licensed growers.

This bond is being called the OMMA surety bond and it's not required for every grower.

This short video will help explain the bond and why it's being required. This is a very new bonding requirement so things may change. If they do we will update the video. Please help us if information needs to be updated. Below you'll find the video timestamps and go request a free, no obligation quote for the OMMA surety bond.

Video Timestamps:

  • 00:20 - Video agenda
  • 00:47 - Surety bond overview
  • 01:07 - Why OMMA is requiring this bond
  • 02:20 - What is the required bond amount?
  • 02:38 - What impacts and changes the bond amount
  • 03:02 - What is the price of the OMMA surety bond?
  • 03:07 - The factors that impact the bond price
  • 03:34 - Surety bond pricing examples
  • 04:04 - How to pay as little as possible for the bond

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