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Medical Marijuana Bond

Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Bond Information

The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) requires commercial marijuana growers to purchase a surety bond or document 5+ years of land ownership. The requirement is $50,000 bond penalty per license. Oklahoma Senate Bill 913, effective April 20th, 2023 instituted this requirement for all new applicants and existing growers.  

The bond is frequently referred to as a "reclamation bond" because the bond helps to ensure that should the land no longer be used for cannabis-related purposes, the land will be properly reclaimed or restored for other purposes. The OK Department of Environmental Quality may require an increased surety bond amount based on their review of the application and the land to be used.

How Much Does a Marijuana Bond Cost in Oklahoma?

Commercial Medical Marijuana Grower License Reclamation Bond

Bonds up to $250,000

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