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DMEPOS Surety Bond

The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services - The CMS - is responsible for enrolling individuals and businesses to sell Durable Medical Equipment, Prosthetics/Orthotics and Supplies. There's a lot to sort out when enrolling as a supplier. One of the requirements is purchasing a surety bond called a DEMPOS surety bond for each National Provider Identifier (NPI).

Learn what this bond is, why it's required, and how to purchase it, potentially saving hundreds of dollars.

  • 00:47 - Video agenda
  • 01:11 - What is a surety bond?
  • 01:21 - The promises a DME supplier makes
  • 01:46 - What does a DME bond protect against?
  • 02:06 - Examples of fraudulent actions a DME supplier can commit
  • 02:44 - What is the bond amount?
  • 03:15 - What does a DME supplier bond cost?
  • 03:32 - Factors that effect the cost of a DME supplier bond
  • 04:14 - Example rates and pricing
  • 04:58 - Purchasing your DME supplier bond
  • 05:27 - Renewing your DME supplier bond
  • 06:27 - Get your free DME supplier bond pricing

How to Become a DME Supplier

How to Become a DME Supplier

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What's a Surety Bond And Why Is It Required?

What's a Surety Bond And Why Is It Required?

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