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What is an Alabama Title Bond

Alabama has a pretty straightforward process to get a bonded title for your vehicle. But there are a few specific steps you must follow before you can purchase a title bond.

This video will help make the process fast so you understand exactly what a bonded title is and how to get one.

Check the video timestamps below to skip around. And when you need to purchase the title bond, use our online quote form or purchase directly on our Alabama title bond page.

Video Timestamps:

  • 00:24 - Video agenda
  • 00:39 - What is a bonded title?
  • 01:04 - When do you need a title bond?
  • 01:30 - Why are surety bonds used for title bonds?
  • 01:41 - What does a title bond protect?
  • 02:12 - The title bond waiting period
  • 02:32 - How to get an Alabama title bond
  • 02:43 - Step 1: Get the Application for Title Surety Bond
  • 02:50 - Example of form MVT 10-1 the Alabama title bond
  • 03:08 - Show evidence of ownership
  • 03:24 - How Alabama determines the bond amount
  • 03:33 - Step 2: Purchase the Title Bond
  • 04:14 - Examples of prices for Alabama title bonds
  • 04:44 - Step 3: Register Your Vehicle
  • 05:34 - Recap of steps to get a bonded title and title bond in Alabama
  • 06:02 - Call Surety Bonds Direct to purchase an Alabama title bond

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