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Nebraska Auto Dealer Bond

Before you get your Nebraska dealer license issued, you'll need to purchase a surety bond called a Nebraska auto dealer bond. If this is your first time getting licensed, the concept of a surety bond is probably new to you.

This video was created to explain what an auto dealer surety bond is and why the Nebraska Motor Vehicle Industry Licensing Board requires it.

Check the timestamps below if you want to jump around. If you have any questions, ask in the comments and I'll personally answer you.

  • 00:25 - Video agenda
  • 00:49 - 6 dealer license classifications
  • 01:15 - What is an auto dealer bond?
  • 01:41 - What does an auto dealer bond protect against?
  • 02:22 - Examples of dealer misconduct and fraud
  • 02:54 - What is the bond amount?
  • 03:34 - How much does a dealer bond cost?
  • 03:53 - Primary factors that determine the bond cost
  • 04:25 - How to NOT overpay for your auto dealer bond
  • 04:52 - How the price quote process proceeds
  • 05:38 - Example rates and prices
  • 06:07 - How long does it take to get your bond?
  • 06:33 - How to keep your dealer bond active
  • 07:35 - How to get pricing today

Read about post about the steps to get your Nebraska auto dealer license.

How To Get A Dealers License In Nebraska And Your Auto Dealer Bond

How To Get A Dealers License In Nebraska And Your Auto Dealer Bond

Every year Nebraska auto dealer licenses expire December 31st. Here's how to get your Nebraska auto dealer license and auto dealer bond step by step.

Auto Dealer Bond

Auto Dealer Bond

Your dealership application requires a surety bond called an auto dealer bond. Learn what this bond is and how to buy it for as little as possible!

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