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Illinois Liquor Tax or Gallonage Tax Bond

What is an Illinois Liquor Tax or Gallonage Tax Bond?

An Alcohol Beverage Bond (also known as a Liquor Tax Bond) ensures that businesses licensed to sell, manufacture, import or warehouse alcohol comply with applicable regulations and pay required taxes associated with operating these businesses. The surety bond also may provide protection to customers in the event of illegal actions or regulatory non-compliance by the business owners. Alcohol beverage surety bonds guaranteeing tax payments are considered higher-risk, financial guarantee bonds. It is important to rely on experienced, high-risk bond experts like those at Surety Bonds Direct to find the best solutions and lowest rates in the market for these bond types.

If you are looking for the federal TTB alcohol tax bond rather than a bond required by the state, please visit our helpful guide to Federal TTB Alcohol Tax Bond requirements.

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Liquor Financial Responsibility Bond
Liquor Gallonage Tax Financial Responsibility Bond
Alcohol Beverage Bond - City, County or Local Requirement

Bonds up to $10,000

1-Year Bond

Alcohol Beverage Bond - State Bond
over $10,000

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