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New Jersey Public Adjuster Bond

What is a New Jersey Public Adjuster Bond?

A Public Adjuster Bond is required for each New Jersey licensee filing with the Commissioner of Banking and Insurance pursuant to the Public Adjusters' Licensing Act, P.L. 1993, c. 66, ( N.J.S.A. 17:22B-1 et seq.). The surety bond is conditioned upon the bonded principal's faithful and honest conduct with state laws, rules and regulations as a public adjuster. The bond must be maintained during the term of the license. Willful, malicious or wrongful acts, along with failure to pay any monies that are or become due to the state.

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Public Adjuster Bonds And Getting Your New Jersey Business License/Registration

Public Adjusters in New Jersey are licensed by the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance to serve as consumer advocates who represent the policyholder in an insurance claim and the Public Adjusters primary obligation is to protect the interests of the policyholder in claims negotiations with the insurance company. Applicants for a public adjuster's license in New Jersey agree to background checks and fingerprinting. Additionally, New Jersey Public Adjusters must not have had a criminal background or have been involved in past administrative actions. Public adjuster applicants must complete a training course, examination through PSI Services LLC and pay an application fee to the Department of Banking and Insurance before obtaining a license. Continuing education courses are also required in order to receive a license renewals in the future. Lastly, all applicants and licensed public adjusters must have an active surety bond on file with the Department of Banking and Insurance.

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