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New York Process Server Bonds

What is a New York Process Server Bond?

Process Server Individuals and Process Server Agencies conducting business in the City of New York must furnish surety bonds pursuant to Sections 20-403 et. seq. of the NYC Administrative Code. The surety bond obligates the process server or process serving agency as bonded principal to comply with NYC Administrative Code Sections 20-403 et seq. and the Rules of the City of New York Sections 2-231 et seq. Further, the principal must pay to the City of New York any fine, penalty or other obligation imposed relating to a code or rule violation and indemnify and save harmless the city or any aggrieved person from financial losses sustained as a result of the principal’s failure to comply with applicable laws and regulations.

Get Your New York Process Server Bond

Process Server Individual Bond - City of New York

$10,000 Bond

Expires 2/29 in Even-numbered Years

Process Serving Agency Bond - City of New York

$100,000 Bond

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