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California Defective Title / Motor Vehicle Ownership Bonds

California Defective Title / Motor Vehicle Ownership Bond Information

The state of California requires Motor Vehicle Ownership Surety Bonds (aka Defective Title Bonds or Certificate of Title Bonds) for certain individuals to establish ownership and properly register a vehicle. If supporting evidence of ownership for the vehicle is not available, the vehicle owner must post a California motor vehicle ownership surety bond. The bond is written for a 3 year term and the required bond amount must be equal to the fair market value of the vehicle, which is determined in one of the following methods;

  1. the average valuation of the vehicle based on information provided in a recognized industry motor vehicle valuation and pricing handbook such as the Kelly Blue Book, or
  2. by written appraisal by a dealer or a licensed motor vehicle insurance representative

How Much Does a Defective Title Bond Cost in California?

Most Common Bonds

Vehicle Title Bond ($10,000 or Less)

Bonds up to $10,000

3-Year Bond

Vehicle Title Bond ($10,001 to $25,000)

Bonds over $10,000 up to $25,000

3-Year Bond Starts at $100.00
1% of the Bond Amount

Vehicle Title Bond for Mobile home, Commercial Coach, or Truck Camper

3-Year Bond

Additional Bonds

Vehicle Title Bond (over $25,000)

Bonds over $25,000

3-Year Bond

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