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Arkansas Bonded Titles

Arkansas Bonded Vehicle Title Information

A Bonded Title (also called aa Certificate of Title Surety Bond or Title Surety Bond) is needed in Arkansas in order to register or otherwise establish ownership of a vehicle in cases where the official title is missing or has been damaged. The bond amount required in Arkansas is 1.5 times the appraised value of the vehicle.

You must have an appraised value of your vehicle acceptable to the state prior to requesting your bond. Once you have this, simply request your quote using the form on this page and enter 1.5 times the appraised value for the bond amount.

How Much Does a Bonded Title Cost in Arkansas?

Bonded Title ($10,000 or Less)

Bonds up to $10,000

3-Year Bond

Bonded Title ($10,001 to $25,000)

Bonds over $10,000 up to $25,000

3-Year Bond Starts at $100.00
1% of the Bond Amount

Bonded Title (over $25,000)

Bonds over $25,000

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