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Tennessee Alcohol Beverage Tax Bonds

What is a Tennessee Alcohol Beverage Tax Bond?

Alcohol Beverage Tax Bonds are required for various businesses in Tennessee to ensure licensing or registration compliance and payment of all state taxes, penalties and interest connected with the sale, transportation, wholesaling, distribution and licensed on site consumption of alcoholic beverages. Specific surety bonds include a Tax Bond for Licensee for Sale of Alcoholic Beverages for Consumption on the Premises, an Alcoholic Beverage Tax Bond for Wholesalers of Distilled Alcoholic Beverages, and an Alcoholic Beverage Transporter Bond for the transportation of alcoholic beverages within, into, through, or from the State of Tennessee. The bonds are mandated by the Tennessee Department of Revenue and the Tennessee Beverage Commission.

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Alcohol Beverage Tax Bond (Consumption on Premises)
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