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Kansas Liquor License and Liquor Drink Tax Bonds

What is a Kansas Liquor License and Liquor Drink Tax Bond?

Liquor License and Liquor Drink Tax Surety Bonds are types of surety bonds required by the Kansas Department of Revenue for professionals involved in the sale of alcoholic beverages in the state. Liquor tax bonds guaranteeing tax payments are considered higher-risk, financial guarantee bonds. The Alcoholic Beverage Control License Bond is required for retailers, beer distributors, spirits distributors, wine distributors, farm wineries, microbreweries, micro-distilleries, manufacturers, non-beverage users or special order shippers. It is important to rely on experienced bond experts like those at Surety Bonds Direct to access the best rates from the highest quality surety providers for these bond types.

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Liquor Drink Tax Bond

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Alcoholic Beverage Control License Bond

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Why is a Kansas Liquor Tax Bond Required?

The bonds ensure that the bonded principal complies with the provisions of the Kansas Liquor Control Act, the Kansas Liquor Drink Tax Laws and the rules and regulations of the Director of the Alcoholic Beverage Control. The bond also guarantees prompt payment of all fees, fines and taxes which may be assessed.