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Georgia Water Well Contractors and Installers Bonds

What is a Georgia Water Well Contractors Bond?

Water well and pump contractors and installers in Georgia must post a $20,000 surety bond. The bond ensures that the installer operates in accordance with rules, regulations, and statutes prescribed by the state. Requirements specify well construction, maintenance, and environmental standards. A violation of these requirements by the bonded principal may lead to third party financial damages and a bond claim. Bonds expire on June 30th.

Other surety bonds may be required by Georgia's Environmental Protection Division for environmental drillers, surface mining, or closure/post-closure performance. Talk to a bond specialist about your specific requirements.

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Water Well Pump Installers Bond

$20,000 Bond

Expires 6/30

Water Well Contractors and Drillers Bond

$20,000 Bond

Expires 6/30

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