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Texas Solicitation Bond

Texas Solicitation Bond Information

The state of Texas has two types of surety bonds that may be required for those engaged in the business of solicitation in the state. The first surety bond is called a Public Safety Organization, Independent Promoter or Public Safety Publication Solicitors Bond. This bond must be in an amount of $10,000 and is issued to public safety organizations, independent promoters for public safety or public safety publications in accordance with the provisions of the Texas Occupations Code, Chapter 1803.

A $10,000 surety bond is also required of Texas merchants who sell through the use of phones and automatic telephone systems. The bond is required by Texas Secretary of State’s Registration Unit. Like most license and permit surety bonds, the purpose of the bond is to protect consumers from regulatory or compliance violations.

How Much Does a Solicitation Bond Cost in Texas?

Telephone Solicitation Bond

$10,000 Bond

1-Year Bond

Public Safety Organization or Promoter Solicitor's Bond

$10,000 Bond

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