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Florida Telemarketing Surety Bond

What is a Florida Telemarketing Surety Bond?

A Telemarketing Surety Bond is mandated in the State of Florida to ensure compliance with the duties and requirements of licensees under the Florida Telemarketing Act. The surety bond protects consumers against by fraud, misrepresentation, breach of contract, financial failure or violation of the Florida Telemarketing Act by the bonded telemarketer in the capacity as a licensee under the Florida Telemarketing Act, Sections 501.601 – 501.626, Florida Statutes Rule 5J-6.005, Florida Administrative Code. The Telemarketing Surety Bond may be canceled by the surety company with thirty days written notice to the Obligee. The notice must contain the full name, city, and state where the bonded principal is located, along with the commercial telephone seller license number assigned to the principal by the Obligee.

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