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Nevada Tax Preparer (Document Preparer) Bond

Nevada Tax Preparer (Document Preparer) Bond

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Who Requires the Tax Preparer (Document Preparer) Bond and Why Is It Needed?

A Document Preparation Service Bond is a type of surety bond required in Nevada for registered Document Preparation Services and other legal document preparers. The surety bond is for those that have been registered or have applied to be registered by the Secretary of State of the State of Nevada as a Document Preparation Service pursuant to NRS Chapter 240A. The condition of the surety bond is that the registered Document Preparation Service perform and execute all specified duties in a faithful manner and ethical manner in compliance with all laws, rules and regulations established by the state. The bond serves the purpose of indemnifying those who suffer financial damages resulting from the bonded principal's non-compliance or violations of these terms.

Effective July 2017, the Nevada Legislative Session through Assembly Bill 324 revised and expanded its definition of Document Preparation Services to include “A person who, for compensation, assists a client in preparing all or substantially all of a federal or state tax return or a claim for a tax refund”. In following, those meeting this definition are now obligated to furnish a $50,000 surety bond.

How Much Will My Surety Bond Cost?

Take 2 minutes to provide the basic information required to get the best rates for your Nevada Tax Preparer (Document Preparer) Bond. The quote request is free and there is no obligation to you. If you prefer, please call 1‐800‐608‐9950 to speak with one of our friendly bond experts. We can help guide you through the bonding process and identify the lowest cost in the market for your situation.

If you are interested in spreading out the cost of your bond over time, we can offer convenient financing plans for many types of surety bonds. More information will be provided with your quote.

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