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Louisiana Public Adjuster Bond

What is a Louisiana Public Adjuster Bond?

Louisiana Public Adjusters must furnish a surety bond with the Louisiana Department of Insurance (LDI). The surety bond is conditioned of this upon the bonded principal's faithful discharge and performance of the duties set out in the provisions of Titles 22 and 23 of the Louisiana Revised Statutes and all other applicable laws. The surety bond is written for the benefit of protecting any person who may be financially harmed by virtue of any policy issued, service agreed to, or fund established by the bonded principal in the course of business as a public adjuster.

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Public Adjuster Bonds And Getting Your Louisiana Business License/Registration

  1. Submit license application through National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR)
  2. Pass the state public adjuster licensing examination
  3. Purchase and submit Public Adjuster Surety Bond to the Louisiana Department of Insurance (LDI)
  4. Have electronic fingerprints taken at state required vendor location


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Producer and Adjuster License Application Requirements

Louisiana surety bonds must meet certain standards to be acceptable. Surety Bonds Direct ensures that each of these standards are satisfied through a money back guarantee.

  1. Surety bond must be issued by an insurer admitted to write surety business in the state of Louisiana
  2. Surety bond must be executed on the bond form approved by the LDI
  3. The original surety bond must be filed with the LDI
  4. Each bond must provide for a cancellation notice to the LDI of not less than thirty day
  5. A continuation certificate for the bond shall be provided to the LDI no less than ten days prior to expiration of the surety bond