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South Carolina Athletic Event Promoter Bond

What is a South Carolina Athletic Event Promoter Bond?

An Athletic Event Promoter License Bond must be furnished to the South Carolina Athletic Commission for promoters licensed to conduct Boxing, Off-the-Street Boxing (OTSB), Kickboxing, Mixed Martial Arts or Wrestling Events or Exhibitions in the state. This surety bond guarantees adherence to the applicable provisions of Title 40, Chapter 81 of the Code of Laws of South Carolina, and Chapter 20 of the South Carolina Code of Regulations. The surety bond also ensures performance and fulfillment of all contractual obligations to contestants, managers and other licensees and prompt payment of all license and permit fees due the Commission. Lastly, the surety bond indemnifies and protects the Commission from losses or damages sustained as a result of the principal's violations or non-compliance of terms and conditions as required.

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Athletic Event Promoter Bond

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