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Oregon Private Investigator Bonds

What is an Oregon Private Investigator Bond?

Private investigators currently licensed or making application for licensure in Oregon with the Department of Public Safety Standards and Training (DPSST) of the State of Oregon Private Investigator Licensing Program are required to furnish a surety bond pursuant to ORS Chapter 703. The surety bond is for the exclusive benefit of those damaged due to the principal’s negligence or failure to perform its obligations as required by the terms of the license and state laws. The bond becomes effective or in force on the date the principal meets all requirements for licensure or renewal and continues in effect through subsequent licensing periods until canceled by the surety company with thirty days written notice to the state.

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Why is an Oregon Private Investigator Bond Required?

The conditions of this surety bond obligation are such that all work done by the principal as an "investigator" pursuant to ORS Chapter 703, and all payments ordered by the Department of Public Safety Standards and Training against the principal due to negligent or improper work or breach of contract in performing work, must be satisfied in good faith and legal order. Furthermore, the bonded principal must not disclose personal information obtained under ORS 802.179(18) except as permitted under ORS 802.181 or required by a court order.

This surety bond is for the exclusive benefit of persons damaged as a result of the Principal's failure to perform or negligence in performing its obligations during the effective period of this bond. Actions brought forth by clients are evaluated and judged by the State of Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards and Training pursuant to rule and law.

Private Investigator Bonds And Getting Your Oregon Business License/Registration

  • Complete the Oregon PI-1 application
  • Furnish a surety bond, provide an irrevocable letter of credit (ILOC) or purchase errors & omissions insurance in the minimum amount of $5,000 with your name listed as principal.
  • Complete one fingerprint card
  • Provide three professional letters of reference
  • Submit proof of 1500 hours of professional work experience if applying for a private investigators license. No proof of experience required if applying for a provisional investigators license. The state may allow some educational credit for hours.
  • Complete two passport quality photographs.
  • Submit PI-27 (Private Investigator Professional Code of Ethics)
  • Review the list of criminal disqualifiers in Oregon Administrative Rules Division 61.
  • Submit a application fee and the required licensing fee
  • Once application packet is processed, you will be registered to take the PI Proficiency Exam.

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