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Minnesota Private Detective or Investigator Bonds

What is a Minnesota Private Detective or Investigator Bond?

A Bond of Private Detective or Investigator is a type of surety bond required in Minnesota for those making application to the Chairman of the Board of Private Detective and Protective Agent Services, State of Minnesota, for a license to conduct the business of Private Detective for Fee pursuant to the provisions of Minnesota Statutes 326.32-326.339. The applicant must furnish a $10,000 Surety Bond (private detective or protective agent) at the time of application. The bonded principal, its employees, agents and all representatives are furnishing the surety bond to ensure payment of damages suffered by anyone due to the violation of laws or any willful and malicious act in the course of the conduct of such business. The surety bond further obligates the principal to observe all the laws of the State of Minnesota and of the United States of America, including applicable Minnesota Statutes.

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