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Connecticut Private Detective or Security Company Bond

What is a Connecticut Private Detective or Security Company Bond?

Those conducting business as a licensed Private Detective Service or Private Security Company in Connecticut must file a $10,000 surety bond (Form DPS-363-C) with the state per requirements of the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection Division of State Police. Private Detective Bonds (sometimes called a Private Investigator Bonds) and Private Security Company Bonds protect customers in the event of fraudulent or illegal actions by the bonded business. The bond typically covers illegal actions during the course of investigations, privacy violations and conflicts with criminal justice authorities.

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Private Detective or Security Company Bonds And Getting Your Connecticut Business License/Registration

Connecticut General Statute 29-153, requires that any person or firm planning to conduct business as a Private Detective Service in this state obtain a professional license from the Commissioner of Emergency Services and Public Protection. Guidelines for obtaining the license, eligibility criteria, and applicable license fees are detailed in the statute. Private Detective services are also required to register all employees working as investigators under their license. The Special Licensing & Firearms Unit (SLFU) is responsible for processing the license applications and employee registrations, as well as investigating complaints concerning violations of the license statutes.

The following materials must be submitted by all applicants for a private detective license:

  1. Application, Form DPS-366-C completed and notarized.
  2. Two recent photographs, full-face passport style with blue background.
  3. Completed fingerprint cards with two Check or Money Order, both payable to the Treasurer, State of Connecticut
  4. Motor vehicle driving record for the past three years from the motor vehicle agency in the state of residence the applicant. A copy of applicant's current operators license.
  5. If applicant has been in the military, a copy of his/her DD-214 or other documentation to indicate type of discharge, with reenlistment codes.
  6. Four letters of character reference signed by the persons providing the reference. These letters are to be sent directly from the author to the Special Licensing & Firearms Unit. Letters must include the addresses and telephone numbers of the authors. Letters sent by the applicant's immediate family (parents, wife, etc.), and form letters are not acceptable, and will be returned. We will not accept those letters mailed to or hand carried by the applicant. The letters must be submitted to this office within 60 days of submission of application.
  7. A recent credit bureau report.
  8. Minimum High School Education, provide a copy of high school diploma, GED, college transcript, or college degree.
  9. The applicant must be a U.S Citizen, or a naturalized U.S. Citizen, or possess an INS Green card. Proof of said documents is required. An INS work permit is not acceptable to work in the Security Industry.
  10. If the applicant is retired or separated from a Federal, State a Local Police Department, a letter of discharge must be sent from the former employer to this department. The letter from said department must include length of service, title(s) held, duties performed and date of retirement or separation.
  11. If the applicant is seeking a license as a private security, he/she must meet the five (5) years supervisory security experience, or ten-(10) years experience as a police officer.
  12. Documentation from previous security employment verifying license eligibility must indicate, in chronological order, the following: date of hire and termination, duties, performed (what, where and how long) in each position, reason for leaving employment.
  13. Applicants must submit written verification from the state agency regulating private security stating the applicants name, type of license held, length of time applicant has been held and if the current license they hold is in good standing.
  14. If a corporate license is being sought, a copy of the Certificate of Incorporation from the Connecticut Secretary of the State must be submitted. If the corporate entity is an out-of state corporation, a copy of the Authority to do Business as a Foreign Corporation from the Connecticut Secretary of the State must be included.
  15. If the applicant is currently under any psychiatric care, a letter from the attending Psychologist or Psychiatric must be mailed to this office to verify the applicant's ability to hold the license being applied for.
  16. Applicants should be aware that an oral interview would be conducted as part of the background process. The Applicant must submit all the items requested before said interview is scheduled.
  17. Corporate Officials: All persons engaged, as corporate officials must be licensed with the Special License and Firearms Unit. (Corporate official, meaning president, vice president, secretary or treasurer) Failure to license a corporate official may result in your license not being issued. Refer to Public Act # 04-192. Corporate officials may not work as security officer or bodyguard, unless he/she has been properly registered as an employee of the company.
  18. A license package must include a completed Form DPS 331-C (Renewal Application for License as Private Security), a Form DPS-363-C (Bond for Private Security License), and the $300,000 General Liability Insurance Policy, two current photographs (full face) of licensee and an alphabetical listing of all their employees, as of the renewal date. A check in the amount of the appropriate license fee made payable to the Treasurer, State of Connecticut, must also be provided.
  19. All information requested in connection with a license application or renewal, must be submitted to SLFU within 60 days. Failure to submit the information on a timely basis will result in the rejection of the application. A new application, containing updated information and materials, would then have to be submitted.