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Oregon Highway Use Tax and Permit Performance Bonds

What is an Oregon Highway Use Tax or Permit Performance Bond?

The Oregon Highway Use Tax Bond is required by the Oregon Department of Transportation Motor Carrier Transportation Division to ensure payment of all fees, taxes, charges, interest and penalties to the State of Oregon pursuant to ORS Chapters 825 and 818.225. The bond also mandates compliance with applicable regulations and guidelines.

Get Your Oregon Highway Permit or Use Tax Bond

Highway Use Tax Bond
$2,750 or less

Bonds up to $2,750

1-Year Bond

Highway Permit (Single Permit) Bond

Bonds up to $4,000

1-Year Bond
10.0% of the Bond Amount

Highway Permit (Blanket) Bond

Bonds up to $10,000

1-Year Bond Starts at $100.00
2.0% of the Bond Amount

Highway Use Tax Bond
over $2,750

Bonds over $2,750

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Additional Oregon Highway Permit or Use Tax Bond Resources & Links

The Department requires motor carriers that do not qualify for a deposit waiver to deposit with the Department an amount of money necessary to insure the collection of fees, taxes, charges, penalties and interest. The security can be in the form of a surety bond, cash or a financial instrument. After your account is established, a letter is sent to you from the the state with the required bond amount, due date and instructions for posting.

For Individuals, the complete legal name must appear on the surety bond. If the individual does not have a middle name, use "NMN". Also include the business name the individual is "doing business as". Partnerships must use complete names of all partners on the bond in addition to the "doing business as" name. If a husband and wife have registered with the Motor Carrier Transportation Division as a partnership, the bond must be made out with both names. Corporations must use the corporate name on the bond as it appears on the certificate of good standing issued by the Oregon Corporation Division or Secretary of State of another state. An individual cannot do business as a corporation. A new surety bond is required for a change of ownership. Bond change riders are not acceptable.