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Overweight/ Overdimension Permit Bond

What is a North Carolina Overweight/ Overdimension Permit Bond?

An Overdimension / Overweight Permit Surety Bond is required for certain motor carriers by the State of North Carolina, Department of Transportation, Division of Highways. The surety bond typically must be furnished by those who plan to move permitted loads over the highways of North Carolina on designated routes and on the dates specified on each permit issued. The surety bond helps protect against damage to the pavement, structures, bridges, roadway, and drainage structures. The bond ensures performance of all special permit conditions and indemnifies the North Carolina Department of Transportation from all loss, costs or damages suffered as a result of the principal's failure to meet the conditions outlined above.

Get Your North Carolina Overweight or Oversize Permit Bond

Overweight/Overdimension Permit Bond
$25,000 or less

Bonds up to $25,000

1-Year Bond Starts at $100.00
1.0% of the Bond Amount

Overweight/Overdimension Permit Bond
over $25,000

Bonds over $25,000

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