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Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Dealer, Agent, Servicer or Salvor Bonds

What is a Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Dealer or Agent Bonds?

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation requires that motor vehicle dealers, manufacturers, issuing agents, salvors, messengers services, and card agents be licensed by the State Board of Vehicle Manufacturers, Dealers and Salespersons, and post a surety bond.

Get Your Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond

Motor Vehicle Dealer Manufacturer & Full/Issuing Agent (sells vehicles & registration plates)

$30,000 Bond

Motor Vehicle Manufacturer/Dealer (sells vehicles only)

$20,000 Bond

Motor Vehicle Full/Issuing Agent (sells registration plates only)

$30,000 Bond

Motor Vehicle Salvor Bond
Motor Vehicle Card Agent Bond

$3,000 Bond

1-Year Bond

Motor Vehicle Messenger Service Bond

$50,000 Bond

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Why is a Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond Required?

The corporate surety bond ensures that the car dealer complies with all state laws, rules and guidelines set out by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation governing the operation of a vehicle dealership in the state. The bond provides protection against a dealer’s unlawful or unethical business practices that result in financial damages to customers.

In a situation where the bonded customer (principal) fails to comply with bonding terms and requirements, the surety company is financially obligated to cover damages up to the bond limit (or penalty) of the bond. The surety bond principal is also required to reimburse (or indemnify) the surety for losses paid to damaged parties.

Pennsylvania auto dealer bonds are continuous until canceled through 60 days written notice provided to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation by the surety company.

Motor Vehicle Dealer Bonds And Getting Your Pennsylvania Business License/Registration

The following is an overview of key auto dealer licensing requirements in Pennsylvania.

  • Complete Vehicle Dealer Application
  • Follow instructions to obtain Temporary Registration Plates
  • Post Surety Bond for each place of business
  • Provide criminal history records
  • Familiarize with sections of Pennsylvania Vehicle Code and Title 67 as required
  • Additional items may be needed and exact requirements may vary based on applicant, license type or obligee discretion. Please see obligee and state links in the Other Helpful Information and Links section below or contact the obligee directly for more information.