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Kentucky Motor Vehicle Dealer Bonds

What is a Kentucky Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond?

The Kentucky Motor Vehicle Commission is responsible for licensing motor vehicle dealers, salespersons, manufacturers, distributors, and their representatives pursuant to KRS Chapter 190. In addition to a financial statement, the Commission may require certain applicants to post a surety bond in an amount not less than fifteen thousand dollars ($15,000). Applicants should verify the surety bond amount with the Commission prior to requesting a quote.

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Why is a Kentucky Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond Required?

Kentucky motor vehicle dealer bonds protect the commonwealth of Kentucky and its citizens from financial damages caused by unlawful actions or other violations by the bonded principal of the rules, regulations and guidelines governing vehicle industry operations.

The motor vehicle dealer surety bonds remain in force until a specified expiration date or until canceled by the surety company through 30 days advance written notice to the Commission. All surety bonds in Kentucky are subject to a state surcharge tax of 1.7% of the premium.

Motor Vehicle Dealer Bonds And Getting Your Kentucky Business License/Registration

The following is an overview of key motor vehicle dealer licensing requirements in Kentucky.

  • Established place of business
  • Certificate of insurance
  • Licensed sales personnel
  • Business sign
  • Completed application
  • Surety bond - The Commission may require an applicant to either furnish a bond or to show assets or other reliable financial arrangements in any amount up to $100,000
  • Licensee fees
  • Additional items may be needed and exact requirements may vary based on applicant, license type or obligee discretion. Please see obligee and state links in the Other Helpful Information and Links section below or contact the obligee directly for more information.