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Massachusetts Marijuana / Cannabis License Bond

Massachusetts Marijuana Bond Information

A Marijuana Bond is required by The Commonwealth of Massachusetts as part of the licensing process. Per the regulations a surety bond must be evidenced in an amount equal to the licensure fee.  The bond protects The Commonwealth's cost for destruction of goods in the event of violations. 

Prior to commencing operations, a Marijuana Establishment shall provide proof of having obtained a surety bond in an amount equal to its licensure fee payable to the Marijuana Regulation Fund to ensure payment of the cost incurred for the destruction of Cannabis goods necessitated by a violation of St. 2016, c. 334, as amended by St. 2017, c. 55 or 935 CMR 500.000: Adult Use of Marijuana or the cessation of operation of the Marijuana Establishment.

How Much Does a Marijuana Bond Cost in Massachusetts?

Marijuana Bond

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