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Pennsylvania Lottery Bonds

What is a Pennsylvania Lottery Bond?

Pennsylvania State Lottery Ticket Retailers are required to furnish a surety bond to the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue Bureau of State Lotteries. The purpose of the surety bond is to ensure that the lottery retailer makes all required payments to the state, fully accounting for any funds due and performs and adheres to the covenants, terms, and conditions mandated by the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue Bureau of State Lotteries.

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Lottery Bonds And Getting Your Pennsylvania Business License/Registration

Following is an outline of key steps to become a Pennsylvania Lottery Retailer:

  • Complete credit check by the Pennsylvania Lottery;
  • Secure a surety bond as required
  • Complete background investigation conducted by the Pennsylvania State Police;
  • Tax clearance check completed by the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue; and
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance check completed by the Pennsylvania Lottery. Please note that the Pennsylvania Lottery can help retailers meet these requirements through the Americans with Disabilities Act

Advantages of becoming a Lottery Retailer according to the Pennsylvania Lottery;

  • PA Lottery games provide customer entertainment and increase foot traffic
  • PA Lottery retailers earn commission on the sale of PA Lottery tickets
  • PA Lottery retailers can earn occasional bonuses in special promotions and for selling big winning Lottery tickets
  • PA Lottery ticket sales support programs for older Pennsylvanians

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