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California Immigration Consultant Bond

California Immigration Consultant Bond Information

Immigration consultants in California must furnish a surety bond pursuant to the provisions of Section 22443.1 of the California Business and Professions Code. The surety bond must be filed with the Secretary of State in the penal sum of one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000). The surety bond secures the principal's compliance with the provisions of Chapter 19.5 (commencing with Section 22440), of Division 8 of the Business and Professions Code of the State of California. Furthermore, the surety bond ensures all payments are made to parties when such funds are received by the bonded principal or its representative or agent. Any person harmed by unlawful acts or omissions on the part of the principal or its agents or employees while conduction immigration consulting business may take action against the bond.

How Much Does an Immigration Consultant Bond Cost in California?

Immigration Consultant Bond

$100,000 Bond

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