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Home Care Organization Dishonesty Bonds

What is a California Home Care Organization Dishonesty Bond?

The California Home Care Services Bureau (part of the California Health and Human Services Agency, Department of Social Services) requires that certain home care organizations have a "dishonesty bond" per Health and Safety Code Sections 1796.37(a)(4) and 1796.42(d). A home care organization dishonesty bond is a type of surety bond - more specifically, a fidelity bond - that protects the home owner/resident from acts of theft, larceny, or other unethical practices by the home care organization and its employees.    Bond amounts vary and the Home Care Services Bureau should inform you as to the amount required.

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Home Care Organization Dishonesty Bond

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Completed bonds should be mailed to:

Home Care Services Bureau
744 P Street,  M.S. 9-14-90
Sacramento, CA 95814