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Oregon Home Services, Inspector or Locksmith Bonds

What is an Oregon Home Services, Inspector or Locksmith Bond?

The Oregon Home Services, Inspector or Locksmith Bond is a type contractor license surety bond required for those applying for a license and residential endorsement from the Construction Contractors Board of the State of Oregon, or for those renewing a license as a condition of the license is required by ORS Chapter 701. This surety bond is for the exclusive purpose of ensuring payment of determination orders of the Construction Contractors Board.

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Home Services Bonds And Getting Your Oregon Business License/Registration

Oregon Home Services Contractors must be licensed pursuant to Oregon Revised Statutes Section 701.501 as defined below:

  • As used defined by the state of Oregon, "home" and "home service agreement" have the meanings given those terms in ORS 731.164 ("Home protection insurance," "home protection insurer").
  • A home services contractor license authorizes the holder to operate a business providing service, repair or replacement for homes through a licensed contractor under a home service agreement.
  • Notwithstanding ORS 701.126, the Construction Contractors Board, continuing education is not required for a home services contractor.
  • Notwithstanding ORS 701.122 outlining training requirements for individuals and businesses, the board does not require a home services contractor to take a test measuring the knowledge of the contractor or responsible managing individual regarding business practices and laws affecting construction contractors.