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Arizona Home Inspector Bond

What is an Arizona Home Inspector Bond?

A Home Inspector Bond is required in the state of Arizona for any person making application for certification to conduct business as a Home Inspector per Title 32, Article 1, of the Arizona Revised Statutes. The surety bond is conditioned upon strict, honest and faithful compliance with the provisions of the statutes and rules as defined. Should any person who contracts with a Certified Home Inspector to obtain a home inspection be financially damaged by the failure of the home inspector to perform the inspection or related services in accordance with the provisions of Title 32, Article 1, of the Arizona Revised Statutes, a claim may be filed against the bond for reimbursement of damages.

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Home Inspector Bonds And Getting Your Arizona Business License/Registration

The Arizona State Board of Technical Registration (BTR) certifies and regulates home inspectors in the state. Arizona law requires completion of 80 hours of classroom training, passing the National Home Inspector Examination, and completion of 100 home inspections or 30 parallel inspections. Certified home inspectors in Arizona also must show financial responsibility. Failure to obtain financial assurance is grounds for revocation of the certification. Financial responsibility may be shown by posting a $25,000 surety bond, Errors and Omissions Insurance of $200,000 in the aggregate and $100,000 per occurrence, proof of assets as required, or an alternative method approved by the Arizona State Board of Technical Registration (BTR).