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District of Columbia Home Improvement Contractor (HIC) Bonds

District of Columbia Home Improvement Contractor Bond Information

A Home Improvement Contractor Bond is a type of surety bond required for all applicants for a Basic Business License for the Home Improvement Contractor category in the District of Columbia. The surety bond must be furnished in a coverage amount of twenty five thousand ($25,000) and the term must be for the duration of the two-year license period. The surety bond is issued for the benefit of the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs or any person who may be damaged financially by a violation of the bonded principal of any law or regulation in force in the District of Columbia pertaining to the Home Improvement Business.

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What Does a Home Improvement Contractor Bond Protect Against?

The Home Improvement Contractor Bond ensures compliance with the provisions of the District of Columbia Acts of Congress Statute 550 as amended, along with the Home Improvement Business Regulations, ensuring payment of all damages occasioned to the District or any person by reason of a violation of the Acts and regulations in carrying on the home improvement business for which the license has been granted. The Commissioner requires the execution and filing of this surety bond for the license year, ending not more than two years from the effective date of this surety bond.

Getting Your District of Columbia Business License or Registration

All applicants for a Basic Business License must comply with the following DC general licensing requirements:

  1. Register your corporation, limited liability company, partnership with the DC Corporations Division
  2. Complete and submit the Basic Business License Application
  3. Provide a registered tax number (i.e., SSN or FEIN)
  4. Secure the Clean Hands Self-Certification
  5. Provide a Certificate of Occupancy (C of O) for the premise address from which the business activity is conducted
  6. Provide a certified copy of Police Criminal History Report (Form PD-70)
  7. Post a Surety Bond in the amount of twenty five thousand ($25,000) for the duration of the two-year license period
  8. Submit Contract Samples and Home Improvement Salesperson Designation Letter
  9. Satisfy insurance requirements
  10. Submit to the Basic Business License thirty (30) day background investigation