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Virginia Fuel Tax Bonds

What is a Virginia Fuel Tax Bond?

A Fuel Tax Bond is required by the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) for those transacting fuel related business in the Commonwealth of Virginia as defined in Title 58.1, Chapter 22 of the Code of Virginia. The bond is for applicants for the license type to be issued by the Commissioner of the Department of Motor Vehicles pursuant to Title 58.1, Chapter 22 of the Code. Specifically, the surety bond is needed for the following fuel related business types: Aviation Consumers, Distributor Refiners, Blenders, Fuel Alcohol Providers, Retailers of Alternative Fuel, Bonded Importers, Occasional Importers, Suppliers, Bulk Users of Alternative Fuel, Providers of Alternative Fuel, and Terminal Operators.

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Why is a Virginia Fuel Tax Bond Required?

The fuel tax surety bond secures the bonded principal's compliance with the provisions of Title 58.1, Chapter 22 of the Code of Virginia, including filing of accurate and timely reports and payment of all fuels taxes, penalties, fines, uncollectible check fees, attorneys fees and interest levied or imposed by the Commonwealth of Virginia.