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Missouri Fuel Tax Bonds

Missouri Fuel Tax Bond Information

Motor Fuel Tax Bonds are types of surety bonds required by the Missouri Department of Revenue for fuel suppliers, permissive suppliers, terminal operators, distributors and transporters. The bond is issued on Missouri Form 331 and its purpose is to secure payment of the above taxes and related fees, interest, additions to tax, and penalties due the state of Missouri or the Department of Revenue. This surety bond may be cancelled through sixty days advance written notice by the surety company to the Department of Revenue. However, election to cancel this surety bond will not relieve, release, or discharge the bonded entity from any liability for the indicated taxes, related fees, interest, additions to tax, and penalties of the taxpayer or business that may accrue for all periods prior to the cancellation of the bond.

How Much Does a Fuel Tax Bond Cost in Missouri?

Most Common Bonds

Motor Fuel Tax Bond - Distributor
Motor Fuel Tax Bond - Terminal Operator
Motor Fuel Tax Bond - Transporter

Additional Bonds

Motor Fuel Tax Bond - Supplier
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